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Oklahoma DMV Locations

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The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS) provides licensing services, vehicle titling and registration services, and others that motorist commonly think of as DMV services. The Oklahoma DPS has service centers located throughout the state and enables several third parties to provide support services. The DPS also has online and remote services to improve efficiency and keep waiting times short.

Licensing Centers

The Oklahoma DPS has licensing centers located throughout the state and enables residents to search online for the center located nearest to them. Licensing and ID services include issuing learner’s permits, initial licenses and license renewals and reinstatements.

The DPS also processes changes of address, name changes and other commonly requested licensing services. Some services require appointments while others are available on a walk-in basis. You also can use online services that enable you to renew or replace drivers licenses, submit a change of address and obtain other common services and skip the trip to a local service center.

Vehicle Centers

The state of Oklahoma does not require vehicle testing or inspections of any sort to operate on public roads. So there are no Oklahoma vehicle centers. Commercial truck drivers can obtain vehicle size and weight permits and other services related to commercial vehicles at the respective DPS location. Some vehicles might require an inspection by a local county sheriff’s department representative. Salvage vehicles that have been restored, vehicles that are titled out of state, and others often require a local inspection by the sheriff’s department to ensure it is legal for use on public roads and is not stolen.

Road Testing Locations

The Oklahoma DPS does not provide road testing services, so it does not have any road testing locations. Instead, road testing is done through certified designated examiners who are located throughout the state. In most cases, the certified examiners are the same people who are certified to provide driver education services in Oklahoma. Anyone looking to obtain an initial driver’s license, a CDL or a motorcycle endorsement must successfully pass a road test after successfully completing knowledge exams for respective licenses and driving endorsements.

Inspection Locations

Because Oklahoma does not require vehicle inspections or testing, there are no state inspection locations to visit. Anyone needing a vehicle inspection to title a vehicle in Oklahoma can do so through a respective county sheriff’s department and arranging a vehicle inspection. A movement permit might be needed to legally drive to the inspection site, which you can obtain through the sheriff’s office.

Regional Service Centers

The Oklahoma DPS has service centers located in or near every county across the state. The service centers generally are divided into two types. Those are licensing exam sites and driver compliance hearing locations, which require appointments. A DPS search tool enables you to find licensing exams sites and schedule appointments as needed to obtain initial licenses, CDLs and various license endorsements. Residents can use the compliance sites search tool to find the nearest office.

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