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Oklahoma Drivers Education

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The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS) oversees the state’s driver education system. While the state does not offer any driver education services for residents, the DPS certifies several third-party driver education providers. Oklahoma also enables parents to provide their teens with parent-taught driver education instead of enrolling them in a state-approved driver education course.

Testing and Preparing to Drive

Road testing for motorists is available through certified driving instructors in Oklahoma. The state provides a list of driver’s license exam sites where road tests and knowledge exams can be completed by scheduling an appointment online. Anyone who wants to schedule a drive test must bring a primary Id, such as a state birth certificate, Social Security number, and proof of insurance for the vehicle to be used for the road test. The vehicle must be lawfully registered and pass a vehicle inspection.

Graduated Driver License

Oklahoma has a three-tiered graduated driver’s license system that required teens and others learning how to drive to obtain a learner’s permit while obtaining classroom and on-the-road training. After successfully completing an approved driver’s education course, the prospective driver can obtain a restricted license that allows driving under limited conditions while supervised by a licensed adult driver.

The state requires at least 50 hours of supervised driving, including at least 10 hours during night, to complete the requirements for using a restricted license., After using the restricted license for at least 6 months with no accidents or major moving violations and completing at least 50 hours of driving, the driver can obtain an unrestricted license with full driving privileges.

Remedial Driver Programs

Motorists who have accrued too many points for moving violations and are in danger of losing driving privileges can complete a state-approved remedial driving course. Successful completion of a six-hour online course can result in 2 points removed from your accrued points by the Oklahoma DPS.

The online courses are designed to improve driving habits and road-going safety among drivers who clearly have issues with moving violations. Successful completion requires passing a final test that helps to affirm the driver is fully aware of traffic laws and safe driving procedures in Oklahoma.

Defensive Driving Courses

A variety of state-approved defensive driving course providers enable all motorists to improve their driving skills by completing online classes. The six-hour online courses emphasize safe driving while helping to remind motorists of Oklahoma traffic laws and the generally safe operation of vehicles on public roads.

Many auto insurers will offer discounted rates for motorists who successfully complete a state-approved defensive driving course. A four-hour course specifically focuses on auto insurance reduction so that drivers can earn an insurance rate discount while learning to become better and safer drivers.

The online defensive driving courses charge varying fees that you must pay in advance with either a debit card or a credit card. No refunds are issued if you fail the course and must retake it.

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