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Oklahoma Driving Record

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The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS) maintains records of residents’ respective driving records. The records are available to the motorists for whom they are compiled and to other authorized parties on a more limited basis. The following information helps Oklahoma drivers to better understand the DPS records system and how driving records could be accessed and used.

How to Obtain Your Oklahoma Driving Record

Any licensed driver in Oklahoma can obtain a copy of his or her Individual Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Report, which is what DPS refers to as a driving record. So can third parties who have qualifying reasons and permission from the driver in question whose driving record is sought. Most third parties obtain permission to obtain driving records from the respective individuals when they apply for jobs or other reasons and sign a form enabling an organization to obtain his or her driving record.

Applying to Get the Driving Record

The DPS provides two pathways to obtain individual driving records. One is for the respective motorists who want copies of their own driving records for personal use. The other way is for third parties who seek another person’s driving record in accordance with Oklahoma driving records law.

Required Documentation

All motor vehicle record requests must be accompanied by the name, address and any enabling forms, such as permission from the driver for whom the record is sought. Any requests that lack proper supporting documentation will be rejected with no refund issued for the records fee.

Fees for Getting Your Driving Record and Payment Methods

The Oklahoma DPS charges a $25 fee for each driving record requested. the fee applies even if the application is rejected for any reason. Of the $25 fee paid, $18 goes to the Oklahoma Tax Commission, which deposits that amount into the state’s general fund. Another $5 goes to the DPS revolving fund, and the remaining $2 goes to the motor vehicle license agent.


Types of Driver Records

The Oklahoma driving records provide three years of driver data, including convictions for moving violations, reports related to any accidents, and any punitive measures taken against a motorist for moving violations. The records only apply to motorists who are age 18 and over. The records include the name, address and driver’s license number of respective individuals. The state also maintains records of state ID holders for the purposes of locating candidates for qualified jury service.

The driving records reflect the prior three years of activity by the respective motorist. Although records are kept beyond three years, the driving records only reflect the prior three years. The three-year window is what auto insurance companies use to obtain information on respective motorists and determine their auto insurance rates partly based on driver histories. Employers and others also commonly obtain driving records to affirm applicants and current employees have the proper driving privileges need to work.

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Dec 29, 2022