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Oklahoma Traffic Tickets

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Oklahoma has traffic laws in place that are designed to enable motorists to drive safely and efficiently. When motorists violate traffic laws, a police officer will issue a moving violation. Motorists who accrue too many tickets too quickly could lose their driving privileges for a period of time. The following information helps to explain how Oklahoma handles traffic tickets, convictions and habitually bad drivers.

Traffic Violations in Oklahoma 101

The Oklahoma Legislature enacts traffic laws that state and local police enforce. The traffic laws are designed to enable you to travel safely across the state and in a relatively quick manner. When motorists exceed the speed limit, ignore traffic signals and controls, or commit other moving violations, they could be ticketed, found guilty and forced to pay a fine. Any driver who habitually violates Oklahoma traffic laws runs the risk of having his or her driving privileges suspended.

Oklahoma Points System

When motorists are convicted of moving violations, the Oklahoma points system assesses demerit points. Any driver who accumulates 10 or more points within a 5-year period temporarily will lose his or her driving privileges. A first-time suspension lasts for a month. A second suspension last three months; a third lasts six months, and any subsequent suspensions will last for at least a year.

How Long to Points Stay on Your Record?

Points remain on driving records for up to five years before expiring. The state removes 2 points for every 12 months of driving with no moving violations. The state removes all points for any licensed Oklahoma driver who goes at least three years without receiving another conviction for a moving violation. The points become active only following the date of the conviction and not the date of the moving violation.

License Suspension and Reinstatement in Oklahoma

Successfully completing a 6-hour driver improvement course or a 6-hour defensive driving course will remove 2 points from your driving record. The state only removes 2 points once every 24 months, so drivers cannot repeatedly complete an approved course to reduce points in a short period of time.

If your license is suspended and you successfully complete the requirements for reinstatement, you must go to an Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS) location to pay the fees for reinstatement and regain your unrestricted driving privileges.


Completing a separate motor vehicle accident prevention course will not remove points from your driving record, but it could earn an insurance discount. A motor vehicle accident prevention course does improve driver behavior but does not have to be approved by the Oklahoma DPS to provide motorists with driver-improvement courses in the state.

Traffic Fines

All traffic fines are paid through the local municipal courts through which they are written. A traffic ticket is not a conviction, and drivers can challenge them through the respective municipal court system.

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