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Oregon Address Change

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Address Changes in Oregon 101

The first thing you should know about changing your address in Oregon is that you are required to notify the Oregon DMV within 30 days of changing your address. There are several ways that you can change your address in Oregon. You can do it online at the Oregon DMV website or you can do it over the phone by calling 503-945-5000.

You will not get address stickers for your driver license, permit, or ID card. This started on January 1, 2020. You do not have to get a replacement card when you change your address. However, if you would like to get a replacement card, you can go here to do so or schedule an appointment so you can apply for and pay for a replacement ID card or driver’s license with your new address. You will have to pay a $26 fee to replace a driver’s license or permit and a $39.50 fee to replace an ID card.

How Do I Change My Address If I am Moving within Oregon?

As previously stated, you must notify the Oregon DMV within 30 days of changing your address. You can submit the address change online, by mail, or in person. You can change your address online by visiting this website.

You will have to submit the Change of Address Notice for DMV Records form if you want to change your address by mail or in person. You can mail it to the address on the form or bring the form with you to your local DMV office.

How Do I Change My Address If I Am Moving to Oregon from Another State?

If you are a new Oregon resident, there are several steps that you have to take. The first step is you have to transfer your out-of-state driver’s license to the DMV after you become an Oregon resident. You have to go to your local Oregon DMV office and give them the following:

  • Proof of your name
  • Proof of your Oregon address
  • Proof of your Social Security Number

You will also have to provide payment for the required fee for completing this process. Additionally, you will also have to register your out-of-state car with the Oregon DMV. It is important to note that Oregon requires that you register and title your vehicle at the same time.

How Do I Change My Address If I Am Moving from Oregon?

In the event that you are moving from Oregon permanently, you should first let the Oregon DMV know about your change of address within 30 days of the move. You can change your address for free online if you wish. Alternatively, you can submit a completed Change of Address for DMV Records form to the following address:

DMV Headquarters
1905 Lana Avenue N.E.
Salem, OR 97314

After you get your driver’s license from your new state, the Oregon DMV will receive your old license. You can also surrender your Oregon license plates. You can do so by sending them to the above address, as well.

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