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Oregon Criminal Record

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In the state of Oregon, criminal records are handled by the Oregon State Police Department. In the event that you are looking for criminal records, you can utilize the Oregon State Police Department to search for different kinds of criminal records that they have. Thankfully, requesting these criminal records is pretty simple. You can request criminal records in Oregon using the Oregon State Police Department website. Due to COVID-19, you will receive these records by mail until further notice.

What Information Do Criminal Records Contain in Oregon?

The first thing you should know is that criminal records in Oregon do not contain any information about a person’s criminal history in another state. The information contained in an Oregon criminal record is relatively straightforward. An Oregon criminal record contains the following information:

  • Your name and any known aliases
  • Date of birth
  • Physical characteristics
  • Records of any criminal charges
  • Arrest history
  • Records of any current or past warrants

In terms of the arrest record specifically, that is simply information about a person’s arrest history. This includes whether or not a person was questioned, detained, taken into custody, or held for investigation regarding a felony, misdemeanor, or other offense. It is not the same thing as a criminal record.

Uses of Criminal Records

There are many possible uses for a person’s criminal records. One common way that criminal records are used is in pre-employment background checks. A potential employer can look at your criminal records and it may influence their decision about whether or not to hire you. However, you may have to provide your consent for potential employers to view your criminal records.

Another use of criminal records is as part of a background checking when you request a loan. A potential lender will consider your criminal records when deciding whether or not to approve you for a loan. This is simply because criminal records (or the lack of one) can influence how a potential lender views your trustworthiness.

Access to Your Criminal Records in Oregon

You can request access to someone else’s criminal records in the state of Oregon. If you request access to someone else’s criminal records and they do have a criminal record, you will receive a notification that your 14-day waiting period has started. This lets the person the criminal records are on to take a look at their criminal records.

You will get any Oregon record of conviction and any Oregon arrest record less than a year old in which there was not a reported dismissal or acquittal if your request is approved. Some of the information you will receive includes:

  • Date of arrest
  • Offense for which arrest was made
  • Arresting agency
  • Court of origin
  • Disposition, including sentence imposed, date of parole if any and parole revocations if any

If there are no criminal records on you, anyone requesting your criminal records will simply receive notice that you have no criminal record and no further information. The fee for someone else requesting your criminal records is $10. You will be notified if someone else requests your criminal records.

Requesting A Copy of Criminal Records in Oregon

If you want to request a copy of your criminal records in Oregon, you will first have to complete and submit this form. After that, you will have to provide your fingerprints. You will also have to pay a $33 fee to request these records. Only you will get the results of your criminal records request. You can pay via checks or money orders in the mail or via a MasterCard or Visa debit or credit card in person at the Salem office of the Oregon State Police Department.

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Mar 30, 2023