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Oregon DMV Locations

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There are plenty of DMV office locations throughout the state of Oregon. It is important to note that DMV offices in the state of Oregon the DMV is part of the Oregon Department of Transportation. You can get a number of different services at any DMV office in Oregon. These include getting a new driver’s license, renewing your driver’s license, replacing your driver’s license, and registering your vehicle. Another important thing to point out is that you are required to make an appointment in order to visit an Oregon DMV office at this time due to the pandemic.

Driver’s License Offices

You can get many services at Oregon DMV offices. One of these services is driver’s license services. In order to find out more information about applying for an Oregon driver’s license, you can visit this page and learn more about getting an Oregon driver’s license. It is required that you provide proof of your identity when you are applying for an Oregon driver’s license. You can find out more about this requirement by going here.

Additionally, you can renew your driver’s license at an Oregon DMV location, as well. Unfortunately, you cannot renew your Oregon driver’s license online at this time. However, many Oregon residents will be able to renew their Oregon driver’s license online beginning in May 2021. You will also be able to renew your ID online beginning in May 2021 as well.

Oregon DMV Offices

It is also important to note that not all Oregon DMV offices offer all of the same services. Some services may only be available at certain DMV locations in Oregon. You should check with the DMV office you are planning to visit to make sure they offer the services you need. Additionally, the DMV office in Heppner County, Oregon is currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can easily make an appointment in order to receive the services that you need at an DMV office in Oregon. Additionally, you cannot get an appointment at an Oregon DMV office simply to renew your vehicle registration in person. However, you can renew your vehicle registration online at DMV2U. The hours of operation for Oregon DMV offices can vary, but many are open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8 AM-5 PM and from 10 AM-5 PM on Wednesday.

Class C Testing Business

It is most common to test for your driver’s license at an official DMV location in the state of Oregon. However, you can also take your driver’s license driving tests at a DMV-contracted Class C testing business. Naturally, these businesses only provide you with driving tests that are approved by the Oregon DMV. Additionally, they set their own fees and hours of operation so you have to contact them to learn more about that. If you are interested in taking your driving test at a Class C testing business, you can consult this map to find a location near you.

How to Find Oregon DMV Locations

There are many Oregon DMV locations within the state. You can find them by consulting the map on this page. However, you can also search for DMV locations by county using the same page if you prefer to do so. These DMV locations are listed by county in alphabetical order.

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