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Oregon Driving Record

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Getting Your Oregon Driving Record

There are some requirements that you have to fulfill in order to get your driving record in the state of Oregon. If you wish to order your own Oregon driving record, you can certainly do so at a DMV location in the state. Additionally, the parents or guardians of a minor can request the minor’s driving record as long as the minor has not been emancipated. There are several ways to order your Oregon driving record.

Applying For Your Oregon Driving Record

If you wish, you can order your own driving record online. You can do so by visiting the following page. However, you can also apply to get your Oregon driving record by mail from DMV headquarters in Salem, Oregon. It is important to point out that the driving record will be mailed to the address that the Oregon DMV has on file for you.

If you want the driving record sent to another address other than the one the Oregon DMV has on file, you will have to provide enough information to confirm your identity. This includes date of birth, place of birth, address of record, and other similar information such as your mother’s maiden name. In order to request an Oregon driving record by mail, mail the request to:

DMV Record Services
1905 Lana Avenue NE
Salem, OR 97314

Necessary Documents

You will need certain documents to apply for your Oregon driving record. In order to fill out the Record Inquiry Account Application, you will first need your Social Security Card so you can put in your Social Security Number. Additionally, you will need your Oregon driver’s license so that you can put your driver’s license number into the form as well. You may also need your ID card so that you can include information from that in your application to get your driving records, as well.

Fees and Payment Methods for Oregon Driving Records

If you want a non-employment driving record or an open-ended non-employment driving record, the fee is $1.50. For an employment driving record, the fee is $3. It is important to point out that the employment driving record will only include information about convictions, arrests, and commercial driver’s license entries that occurred when someone was driving for employment purposes. The certified court print costs $3 and driver’s license information costs $1.50. You can pay for these fees by cash, check, money orders, or by debit or credit card. Oregon DMV offices accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Types of Driving Records

The employment driving record and certified court print are two types of driving records. A Suspension Package is another type of driving record and it contains certified copies of suspension documents that relate to a particular court proceeding. Oregon Traffic Accident and Insurance Information is another type of driving record.


This includes the identity of the vehicle owner, occupants, vehicle registration number, and insurance information. It also includes the names of witnesses. This information is available to anyone involved in the accident, the family of anyone involved in the accident, or the personal representative of anyone involved in the accident.

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Dec 29, 2022