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Find a licensing center.

While some driver’s license services are available online, you will need to go to a Driver License Center in person for some services. You can find the center nearest you here.

Getting a license for the first time

Ages 16 to 17

  • The details: You must first obtain a junior learner’s permit. When you turn 16, you can get a junior learner’s permit if your parents consent, and you have had a physical examination.
  • What to bring: You’ll bring originals of the following:
  • What you’ll need to do: At the Driver License Center, you’ll submit your application, take a vision test, and take a knowledge test. If you pass the knowledge test, you’ll receive the learner’s permit.
  • What comes next: You’ll practice your skills behind the wheel while supervised for at least six months and accumulate 65 hours of skill-building, including 10 hours at night and five in bad weather. You can then return to the Driver License Center and take your road test to receive a junior driver’s license. When you arrive to take your road test, you must bring with you the following:
    • Your learner’s permit
    • The certificate of your 65 hours of skill-building
    • The registration card for the vehicle you are driving
    • Proof of insurance on the vehicle you are driving
    • The driver’s license of the person accompanying you to the center.
  • The junior license allows you to drive unsupervised but still has some restrictions.
  • When you are 17 1/2, you may receive an unrestricted license if you’ve completed a driver training program, had your junior license for at least a year, had no violations or accidents in which you were at fault, and have parental consent. Otherwise, you must wait until you are 18.

Age 18

  • The details: If you’re at least 18 years old and ready to get behind the wheel, the process at the Driver License Center is smooth and simple.
  • What to bring: Bring your ID document, proof of address, a completed application, a Social Security card, and a check or money order for $5. You’ll also need to have a physical exam with your physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner.
  • What you’ll need to do: At the center, you’ll submit your application, take a vision test, and take a knowledge test. You’ll practice supervised driving until you are ready to return for a road test. You may schedule the test online or by phoning 717-412-5300. Some third-party businesses also are allowed to administer the road test for a fee.
  • What comes next: If you pass the road test, you’ll receive an unrestricted license.

Renewing your license

As long as you have a Pennsylvania license with a photo, you can renew your license online. Otherwise, you’ll need to renew in person.

  • What to bring: Pack up your ID document, proof of address, your completed application, and a check or money order for $30.50 if you are younger than 65 and $25 if older than 65. Those older than 65 receive renewals for two years instead of four.
  • What you’ll need to do: At the agency, you’ll complete your renewal application, have your photo taken, and receive your new license on the spot.

Do you need a Real ID?

You are not required to have a Real ID, but you may want one.

Starting October 1, 2021, you will need a passport o Real ID at airports or to enter a federal building or a military base. If you obtained your first license after Sept. 1, 2003, your Real ID information is already on file. If not, you’ll need to bring proof of identity, your Social Security card, and two proofs of residency to a Driver License Center.

Replace a lost or stolen license

As long as your photo and signature are on file, you can obtain a duplicate license online or by mail.

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