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Universal Title application

Pennsylvania drivers use different forms to file for a title, depending upon the circumstances. To obtain a title for a vehicle that has not previously been titled in Pennsylvania or has been repossessed, they use Form MV-1, which is not available online. The fee is $55; if a lien is also recorded, the additional fee is $28. If the vehicle is a gift and was previously titled in Pennsylvania, they file form MV13-ST. If the vehicle was a gift and not previously titled in Pennsylvania, they file MV-1 with MV13-ST. They file form MV-39 to reassign a title after a death, and MV-380 if they need a duplicate title. The duplicate title fee also is $55.

MV-39 Affidavit of surviving spouse

Form MV-39 is used to transfer title from the deceased to a surviving spouse if the vehicle was not jointly owned.

DL-143 Renew/replace DL

Drivers may renew their licenses through the mail or online using form DL-143 or by responding to an invitation to renew (DL60A/DL60R) unless their license is under suspension. The renewal is for four years, but those 65 and older have the option to renew for two years instead of four. The fee for a four-year renewal is $30.50; for a two-year renewal, it is $20.

Title and register a vehicle while temporarily located out of state

If the driver has bought a vehicle out of state while living outside the state, drivers title and register the vehicle out of state first, then use form MV-1 to title and register a vehicle in Pennsylvania.

Driver history abstract request form DL-503

A driver should use Form DL-503 to request a certified copy of their driving history. The cost is $36. An uncertified copy is available using the same form but paying $5 or online for $11.

Wheelchair symbol plate/placard application

People with disabilities who need a wheelchair plate or placard can apply using MV-45A. A health care provider’s signature is required. They are good for five years.

Wheelchair symbol plate/placard checklist

This checklist details the requirements for the issuance of a wheelchair plate or placard in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

MV-700 refund application

If you wish to claim a refund of any fees paid, other than state sales taxes, you use Form MV-700. Reasons could include duplicate payment, requesting retired status or disabled veteran’s status, or other reasons.

Non-driver ID application

This form allows a Pennsylvania resident 10 years and older to apply for an identification card. It is intended for non-drivers, and obtaining one cancels the driver’s license. Veterans may designate themselves as such on the card. Applicants must supply proof of residency. U.S. citizens must also bring a Social Security card and proof of citizenship. Non-US-citizens must also bring proof of lawful immigration status, a Social Security card or proof of ineligibility, and, in most cases, a passport from their country. In most cases, the cost is $30.50

Vehicle registration application

Form MV-40 can be used both for first-time registration of a new vehicle or for renewal of registration.

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