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Rhode Island Drivers Education

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Rhode Island’s driver education system is similar to that found in many other states. Drivers can first get a permit at 16, then a provisional license six months later. They can finally receive their full driver’s license at the age of 18. Of course, young drivers are required to complete both classroom education and practical driving experience requirements before they can get a permit or license. Read on to learn more about driving education in Rhode Island.

Preparing for Rhode Island Driving Tests

Rhode Island requires that young drivers complete a 33-hour course before they can get their permit. This course can be completed at the Community College of Rhode Island or at one of a number of specialized driving schools located throughout the state. After completing this course, young drivers will be prepared to take the written road rules test. They must pass this test in order to receive their permits.

Testing for Provisional & Full Driver’s Licenses in Rhode Island

Once drivers have passed the written test and received their permit, they must keep their permit for at least six months. During this time, they have to drive under the supervision of a licensed driver who is at least 21 years of age (most commonly a parent). After driving under supervision for the required six months, they are eligible to take a driving test with an examiner from the DMV.

After passing the road test, drivers can get their provisional license. The provisional license includes restrictions on night driving and on driving with passengers who are not family members. Young drivers must keep their provisional licenses until their 18th birthday, when they become eligible for a full driver’s license. Drivers can become eligible for a full license at 17 if they have had their provisional license for at least 12 months and have not received a moving violation. They will not need to re-take the written or driving tests to get their full license.

Rhode Island Traffic School

Rhode Island does not use a points system, so drivers cannot complete traffic school to get points taken off their licenses. There are several court-ordered driving education courses, including the Colin Foote Program (for drivers who have received four or more moving violations in a 12-month period), the Defensive Driving Program, and the Alcohol Education Program. These programs can only be completed if a judge orders you to do so.

Rhode Island Defensive Driving Courses

The Rhode Island DMV has its own Defensive Driving Program. This is a 6-hour program that costs $165. It cannot be taken online. Instead, it must be taken in person at either the Lincoln or Warwick campuses of the Community College of Rhode Island. Though the program itself cannot be completed online, drivers can register for the program on this site Please note that Defensive Driving Courses are not currently being held due to COVID-19.

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