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South Carolina Selling a Vehicle

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Selling a Vehicle in South Carolina 101

As in any state, South Carolina requires you to follow specific legal requirements when you are planning to sell a vehicle to a private party or to a car dealership. This helps you avoid any legal ramifications and ensure that you have proper documentation for the sale of the vehicle. You must sign the title over to the buyer and let the state know you have sold the vehicle by filling out a Notice of Vehicle Sold (SCDMV Form 416).

Form 416 does not legally transfer the title, but protects you from liability until the new owner is able to register the vehicle under their name.

You can mail Form 416 to DMV at:

Mail-in Registration
PO Box 1498
Blythewood, SC 29016-0036

You’ll also want to fill out and sign a Bill of Sale. While a bill of sale is required only for vehicles whose original titles predate June 19, 1989 or those where the title is improperly filled out, the bill of sale is helpful in avoiding any misunderstandings that might occur later between you and the buyer.

How to Sign Over the Title to the Buyer

Signing the title properly is critical. You must sign the title over to the new buyer and fill in the odometer reading, purchase date, and price on the back of the title. If the buyer is making payments on the car to you, you fill out Section D on the Title Application (SCDMV Form 400). Because you are considered the lienholder, DMV will mail the title to you. When the buyer completes payment for the vehicle, you sign off on the lien to allow the buyer to obtain a clear title.

Replacing a Lost Title

Just like in any other state, you cannot sell a vehicle without a title. If you’ve lost yours, you can apply for a duplicate either online, by mail, or in person. If you apply by mail, you must send a completed title application, an acceptable form of identification, and a check or money order for $15. Same-day titles are available in person only and incur a $20 expedite fee. If you are mailing the application, send it to:

PO Box 1498
Blythewood, SC 29016-0044

Transferring License Plates

If the license plate is still active, you must surrender it. You can transfer plates either online, by mail, or in-person. If you do this online, you’ll need your current registration card.

To do this in person or by mail you must:

  • Cancel your South Carolina liability insurance on the vehicle you sold
  • Turn in a Notice of Vehicle Sold (SCDMV Form 416) and a License Plate Turn In (SCDMV Form 452)
  • Return the plate to any SCDMV branch or by mail to:
Plate Turn-In
PO Box 1498
Blythewood, SC 29016-0024

If you surrender plates online, you’ll also return the plates to the address above.
If the license plate has expired, you are not required to return it.

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Jul 5, 2023