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South Dakota Address Change

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What Are the Basics?

Whenever you move, you should update your license and address with the department of motor vehicles in your new state or location. In South Dakota, you should update your license as soon as possible by contacting the Driver Licensing Program in Pierre, South Dakota. Some people may be able to update their addresses and request a new license online. Others may do so through the mail. It costs $28 to get a new license with your new address.

How Do I Change My Address If I Am Moving Within South Dakota?

If you are moving within South Dakota, you do need to update your address with the motor vehicle department. You can change your address on your license by emailing the local South Dakota Motor Vehicles Division department, or you may apply in person if you would like a replacement card.

If you want to replace your driver’s license, you can do so online as long as you are eligible. You can also opt to renew by mail by completing a South Dakota Driver License/I.D. Card Application. You will also need to fill out a check for $28 to go to the Department of Public Safety and provide two pieces of evidence for your new address. Send this information to:

Driver Licensing Program
118 West Capitol Avenue
Pierre, SD 57501
How Long Do I Have to Complete This?

There is no requirement for who long you have to update your driver’s license if you are moving within the state. However, it’s a good idea to do so as soon as you can, since any tickets or other contact attempts may be made to your old address otherwise.

How Do I Change My Address If I Am Moving To South Dakota from Another State?

If you are coming into South Dakota from another state, then you will need to inform the South Dakota Motor Vehicles Division. You will need to get a new driver’s license as well.

How Long Do I Have to Complete This?

If you are bringing in a vehicle from out of state, you need to register your address change and update your registration within 90 days. You can do this by going to the South Dakota County Treasurer’s Office near you. You’ll need:

Form MV-608, which is the State of South Dakota Application for Motor Vehicle Title & Registration

  • Your current title
  • The registration fee in South Dakota is 4%, which may be offset by taxes paid in another state.

Who Do I Contact With Questions?

If you have questions, you can contact:

Driver Licensing Program
118 West Capitol Avenue
Pierre, SD 57501

You can also call the South Dakota Department of Public Safety at (605) 773-3178 or send them an online message to seek support.

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Sep 8, 2022