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South Dakota DMV Forms

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Sometimes, there will be forms that you need to fill out for your vehicle. Whether you’re buying, selling or just need proof of ownership, these forms may help you keep the treasurer’s office updated and make sure your registration is completed correctly by law.

Motor Vehicle or Boat Title & Registration Application

If you are ready to register your motor vehicle or boat, you will need to use the Motor Vehicle or Boat Title & Registration Application. This should be submitted to the county treasurer’s office nearest to you, which may be found at http://dor.sd.gov.

Bill of Sale

It’s a good idea to fill out a bill of sale when you want to sell your vehicle. Fill out this form with the year, make, model, VIN and title number of your vehicle as well as other information as requested. This form should be submitted to the applicable treasurer’s office.

Application for Replacement of License Plates, Registration Stickers, or Lost Title

If you have lost your title, need a replacement license plate, or need new registration stickers, you can get them by filling out the Application for Replacement of License Plates, Registration Stickers or Lost Title (Lost in Mail). The form must be returned to the county treasurer’s office by mail or in person.

Motor Vehicle Affidavit

Use the motor vehicle affidavit if you would like to verify your vehicle for the purpose of repossession, interstate possession or other purposes.

Succession Affidavit

If someone you love has passed away and left you a vehicle in their will, you will need to complete the succession affidavit form. This affirms the death of your loved one and that you are able to transfer the title of that vehicle into your name as the successor to the estate.

Special License Plate Application

If you are interested in getting a special license plate, you will need to fill out the Special License Plate application form. The kinds of license plates you may get include amateur/commercial radio, construction, firefighter, dignity, historical, Indian tribal or rear plate only. There are specific fees listed on this form that you will need to pay and submit to the local county treasurer’s office with your proof of residency.

Tax Payment Verification

To verify that you have paid the motor vehicle excise tax in South Dakota or in another state, you will need to fill out the tax payment verification form. This should be turned in to the local treasurer’s office when you register your vehicle.

Disabled Person Parking Permit and License Plates Application

If you would like to have access to a parking permit for a disability, or if you would like the applicable license plate, then you should fill out this form, Form #1305.

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