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Application for Hardship License

In Tennessee, young people 15 years and older who want to drive begin the graduated license program, which goes through four stages. However, in certain hardship cases, individuals ages 14 to 16 may obtain a restricted driver’s license. They do so by filling out an application for a hardship license.

Driver Data Requests

When another organization or individual seeks to obtain information on another Tennessee driver, they must qualify under the definitions of the Federal Driver’s Protection Act. To certify that they meet these qualifications and to request the information, they fill out a Driver Data Information Request Form. To request another person’s driving record, they fill out a Request for Record.

Request for Title Only

When someone buys a motor vehicle in Tennessee, they go to the clerk in their county of residence and obtain a title and registration on the vehicle all in one transaction. In certain situations, however, a motor vehicle may not need to be registered. Examples of this are vehicles that have been acquired through an insurance settlement or were an out-of-state repossession. In these cases, the owner applies for a title only.

Odometer Disclosure

Whenever a vehicle changes hands in Tennessee, the old owner fills out the odometer disclosure. If discrepancies exist between what is shown on the odometer, the seller fills out an odometer discrepancy statement.

Duplicate Title

When an owner has lost the title, they must obtain a duplicate. They fill out a multipurpose duplicate title application that also includes space to list a lienholder, if applicable.

Disposing of an Inherited Vehicle

If an individual died without leaving a will, then all the potential heirs will have to relinquish their rights to the vehicle in order for it to be assigned to one person. They do so by filling out a Tennessee Department of Revenue Affidavit of Inheritance.

Transferring Vehicles to Relatives

In most cases, when a vehicle changes hands, the state of Tennessee collects sales taxes. However, if an owner transfers a vehicle to relatives, that transfer is exempt from state sales taxes. To indicate this transfer has occurred, the seller fills out an Affidavit of Non-Dealer Transfer of Motor Vehicles or Boats.

Application for Disabled Plates or Placard

Those individuals with temporary or permanent disabilities are entitled to disabled license plates, placards, or decals. They fill out an Application for Disabled Person License Plate, Placard, or Decal form. A medical doctor must fill out a portion of the form and certify that the person is disabled. If the person is permanently disabled, the medical professional fills out the certification once but doesn’t need to do so when the plates or placards are renewed. However, if the person has a temporary disability, the medical professional must fill out the section of the form each time it is renewed.

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