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Texas Address Change

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What Are The Basics?

Any time you move, no matter whether you are moving within the state or between states, you have to notify the Texas Motor Vehicle Commission. The Texas Motor Vehicle Commission will then update your address on both your vehicle registration and your driver’s license.

How Do I Change My Address If I Am Moving Within Texas?

You are able to change the address on your Texas driver’s license by going to the Texas Department of Public Safety website. To do so, you have to apply for a replacement, otherwise known as a duplicate, and pay the appropriate fee. You will need to provide your driver’s license or ID card number, date of birth, last four digits of your Social Security number, and audit number.

You can change your address by mail or in person if you wish to do so. The fee for updating the address on your driver’s license is $11 in the state of Texas. You can only change the address on your driver’s license online if it is valid, a Class C or CM license, you are under 79 years old, you are a US citizen, and the Texas DPS has your Social Security Number on file. You also cannot update the address on your driver’s license online if it is a provisional or learner’s license. However, it is actually free to update the address on your vehicle registration in Texas.

You can also change your address by mail if you so choose. You have to mail all address change requests to:

Texas Department of Public Safety
PO Box 149008
Austin, Texas

You will have to complete an Application for Change of Address on Valid Texas Driver License (DL) & Identification Card (ID). You will also have to include a check in order to pay the $11 fee.

How Much Time Do I Have To Do This?

You have to complete and submit this Application for Change of Address form within 30 days of moving to your new address.

How Do I Change My Address If I Am Moving To Texas from Another State?

In the event that you are moving to Texas from another state, you will need to get a new Texas driver’s license. If your current driver’s license is valid and unexpired and your license is from another US state or territory or from Germany, Taiwan, South Korea, or France, you don’t have to take the knowledge or road tests to get a Texas driver’s license. You have to complete this process in-person.

After you have submitted a completed Application for Texas Driver License or ID Card, you must present appropriate proof of ID including one primary document such as your passport or military ID or two secondary documents such as a birth certificate or Certificate of Birth Abroad. You could also bring one secondary document and two supporting documents such as your Social Security Card or 1099 form. You need two documents for proof of residence like a medical card or current mortgage statement, proof of Social Security number, and proof of lawful residence in the US.

New Texas residents must also present proof of Texas vehicle registration. Provide proof of auto insurance for all the vehicles you own. You also have to pay the $33 new driver’s license fee.

How Long Do I Have to Do This?

You have 90 days from when you moved to Texas to obtain a Texas driver’s license.

How Do I Change My Address If I Am Moving from Texas?

If you are moving to a new state from Texas, you don’t have to notify the state since they will cancel your Texas driver’s license once you get your driver’s license in the other state. You should know that Texas movers must be licensed with the Texas DMV. You can also ask your mover for a copy of their rates. You can also go here to check your mover’s Texas DMV registration number.

Where Do I Call With Questions?

You can contact the Texas DMV by calling them at 1-888-368-4689.

Last Verified:
May 15, 2023