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You can get a number of different driver’s license services online at the Texas Department of Public Safety’s website. However, you might have to visit a Texas DMV location in person in order to receive some of the driver’s license services the location offers. You can easily figure out which Texas DPS office is closest to you.

Getting Your First Driver’s License

Here is what you should know about getting your driver’s license for the very first time.

Age 15
  • You can obtain a learner license if you have a high school diploma or equivalent or are enrolled in a school and attended for at least 90% of the spring or fall semester before you applied for the learner’s permit. This learner’s permit requires that a licensed adult driver 21 years or older is in the front passenger seat while you are driving. You must hold this license for at least six months unless you turn 18. You cannot use a wireless phone or other communication device except in an emergency.
  • Your learner license expires on your 18th birthday.
  • You can get this learner license by going to a driver license office, providing proof of US citizenship, Texas residency, proof of identity, proof of your Social Security Number, a Texas driver education certificate, and a validation of enrollment and attendance form.
  • You give your signature, provide your thumbprints, get a picture taken, pay the application fee of $16, and pass the vision exam to get your learner license.
Ages 16-17
  • To get your provisional driver license, you first complete the driver license application before going to your local driver license office accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  • You then provide the driver license application, proof of identity, Texas Driver Education Certification of Completion, VOE form, evidence of passing the driving test successfully, and your Impact Texas Driver Program Certification of Completion.
  • Provide your signature and thumbprints.
  • Get a picture taken.
  • Pay the application fee.
  • Pass vision exam.
  • You also need to provide proof of vehicle insurance if you are going to take the driving skills test.

Renewing Your Driver’s License

Generally speaking, it is easy to renew your driver’s license online. Even if you do need to visit the office in person, you can renew your license quickly. You can schedule your license renewal appointment online to get in and out of there even faster.

  • Bring your renewal application, proof of US citizenship, proof of identity, and proof of Social Security Number.
  • First, schedule your renewal appointment. You must then pass the vision exam, provide your thumbprints, have your picture taken, and pay the application fee.
  • You can get your new license right then and there.

Upgrading Your Provisional License

  • Bring proof of US citizenship, proof of Texas residency, proof of identity, proof of your Social Security Number, and proof of insurance. The requirement to bring evidence of Texas vehicle registration is waived through April 14, 2021 due to COVID-19. You must also bring proof of completion of Impact Texas Driver if you are taking a driving test for your driver’s license and proof of completion of a six-hour adult driver education course.
  • What you need to do: Complete the driver license application before going to the local office. Schedule an appointment at a driver license office. Pay the application fee, provide your thumbprints, have your picture taken, pass the vision exam, and take and pass the knowledge and driving tests.

Learning More About Real ID

Beginning on October 1, 2021, standard driver’s licenses will no longer be acceptable proof of identification at airports if you are entering secure federal buildings or boarding domestic flights. You will have to get a driver’s license or identification card that fully complies with the Real ID Act. Texas started issuing Real ID compliant driver’s licenses on October 10, 2016. Thankfully, you can easily tell if your driver’s license is Real ID compliant if it has a gold circle with an inset star in the upper right-hand corner.

Replacing a Lost or Stolen Driver’s License

You must visit your local driver license office to get a replacement if your license was lost or stolen. Here is what you should know about replacing a lost or stolen driver’s license.

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