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Utah Drivers Education

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Driving education in Utah is similar to most other states. The vast majority of states, including Utah, require young drivers to get a provisional license before they can get their full license. However, young drivers must also obtain a permit before getting a provisional license. Read on to learn more about driving education in Utah.

Preparing for the Utah Driving Tests

To get a permit, young drivers must be at least 15 years old. They must also pass a written road rules test. Many schools in Utah offer driver’s ed courses designed to prepare young drivers to pass this written test. The Utah DMV has also approved several private providers of driver’s education.

A Utah driver’s ed course must meet several requirements to be certified by the state. These requirements include:

  • 27 hours of high school classroom instruction or 18 hours of private instruction or 30 hours of online instruction
  • 6 hours of driving instruction
  • 6 hours of observation

Taking the Utah Driving Tests

After holding their permit for at least six months and reaching the age of 16, drivers can take the tests to get a provisional license. Young drivers must complete a driver’s ed course before they can take the road test for a provisional license. They must also pass an online exam to earn their provisional license. The driver’s ed course will prepare them for this exam as well as for the driving test. A Utah road test includes the following components:

  • Reversing
  • Parallel parking
  • U-Turn
  • 3-Point turn
  • Hill parking

A Utah driver can get an unrestricted driver’s license at the age of 21 as long as their provisional license is in good standing.

Traffic School in Utah

Utah allows drivers to take online traffic school courses to have tickets dismissed. They will still have to pay all the applicable fees, but the citation will not add points to their license. This can prevent insurance premiums from increasing.

You are not eligible for traffic school if any of the following applies:

  • You were speeding in a school zone
  • You were going more than 20 miles per hour over the speed limit
  • You have four or more traffic violations in the last five years
  • The traffic violation requires a mandatory court hearing

Online traffic school courses are offered by approved private providers. Courses are generally eight hours long. The fee is set at $65, which can be paid with all major credit or debit cards.

Defensive Driving Classes in Utah

There are many online and in-person defensive driving courses offered in Utah. The Utah Safety Council is a private, non-profit organization that offers a state-approved defensive driving course. This course can result in a 50-point deduction on your Utah driver’s license. It can also result in a substantial discount on your insurance premiums. Finally, it may be taken if so ordered by a Utah court

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