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Utah Drivers License

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Finding a Utah DMV Office

Utah has several DMV offices located throughout the state. Utah has relatively few DMV offices for how large the state is, but the offices are scattered throughout the state so that nearly all residents live within easy driving distance of a DMV office. This is important for drivers who need driver’s license services, as many of these services are not offered online. Most offices are open Monday through Friday during standard business hours, but you should double-check the hours of operation for the office you plan on going to.

Getting a Utah Driver’s License

Utah’s graduated license program is similar to that found in many states. Young drivers can start off by getting a permit at the age of 15. After completing 40 hours of driving and taking a driver’s ed class, young drivers can apply for a provisional license (provided that they are at least 16 and have held a permit for at least six months). When they have a provisional license, they must follow restrictions regarding passengers and night driving. Drivers can get their first full Utah license when they are 21, as long as their provisional license is in good standing.

Renewing a Utah Driver’s License

Utah makes it quite easy to renew a driver’s license. As long as your license is in good standing and you do not need to make any changes to the information on the license, you can renew your license online. While many drivers in Utah prefer the convenience of renewing online, it is always possible to renew your license at any DMV office in the state.

Upgrading a Utah Provisional License

As previously mentioned, drivers can get a provisional license by passing a driver’s ed course, completing 40 hours of driving, and passing a road test. As young drivers have already fulfilled these requirements to get their Utah provisional license, it is a much simpler process for them to get their full license. As long as their provisional license has not been revoked or suspended, young drivers can quickly and easily get their full license when they turn 21. They do not have to retake the written or driving tests.

Real IDs in Utah

Real IDs are driver’s licenses that meet federal identification standards. This means that they can be used to board flights and access government property for the foreseeable future, while standard driver’s licenses will not be acceptable after May 2022. All driver’s licenses issued in Utah on October 1, 2020 or later are Real ID-compliant. To get a Real ID, drivers must submit their original birth certificate and Social Security card.

Replacing a Utah Driver’s License That Has Been Lost or Stolen

If your Utah driver’s license has been lost or stolen, all you need to do is get a duplicate license. This can be quickly and easily completed at any Utah DMV office. You will need to submit two proofs of documentation, which can include a passport, birth certificate, or Social Security card.

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