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Utah Driving Record

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Getting a Utah Driving Record

Utah, like many other states, offers drivers the opportunity to download their driving records online. Utah drivers can also get driving records via mail or in person. In Utah, unlike many other states, drivers can only get their own records. They cannot obtain someone else’s record, even if they have that person’s information. Once purchased, a Utah driving record can be downloaded and printed. Those who have ordered a Utah driving record will also be able to re-download it in the future if they have lost their original file. There is no fee to re-download a driving record as long as it was first accessed within the previous 10 days. If there have been any changes to the record or if more than 10 days have passed since the record was previously accessed, you will have to pay another fee.

Filling Out a Utah Driving Record Application

The Utah driving record application is similar to that seen in most other states. Drivers are required to fill out the following fields:

  • The record type
  • First name
  • Middle name (optional)
  • Last name
  • Birth date
  • Driver license number
  • Driver license issue date
  • Last four digits of their Social Security Number

As previously mentioned, only the driver themselves can request their record. Requestors will be required to state that they are requesting their own record, not someone else’s record.

Once you have filled out the driving record application, you will be required to submit payment information. You will only be able to view and download the driving record after submitting payment.

Paying Fees for Utah Driving Records

Some states provide driving records to requestors for free. However, Utah does charge a small fee. This fee is currently $8. It can be paid with a debit card or a credit card. Cards from Mastercard and Visa are accepted. Online requests can only be processed if the address associated with the debit or credit card is exactly the same as the address on the driving record. If it is not exactly the same, you will have to go to a Utah DMV location in person to get a copy of your driving record. Note that you cannot request a driving record by mail if the address on your driving record does not match the address associated with your credit card or debit card.

The Types of Utah Driving Records

There are three types of Utah driving records. These include the standard driving record, the certified driving record, and the commercial driving record.

Most drivers will only need the standard driving record. This document includes all violations from the past three years and all alcohol or drug-related violations within the last 10 years.

Some drivers will need a certified driving record. Generally, a certified driving record will be required for legal cases or other government matters. A certified driving record can only be obtained in person at the Salt Lake City DMV office. The address of this office is 4501 2700 W, West Valley City, UT 84119.

The third and final type of driving record is the commercial driving record. This is only for drivers who hold a CDL license. A CDL record reflects all violations. It will even reflect accidents that occur outside of Utah

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