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Utah Vehicle Registration

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UT Vehicle Registration Summary

Read our Utah Vehicle Registration page to learn how to register a vehicle with the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Find additional details on car registration for new Utah residents, UT registration renewals, duplicates, replacements & changes, Utah auto insurance requirements, and car registration for military personnel.

Registering a Vehicle in Utah

You must register your vehicle in person with the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Here is a quick checklist of items to bring when visiting your local Utah DMV office.

What to bring to the UT DMV:

  • Proof of identity (e.g., driver’s license or ID).
  • Certificate of vehicle inspection, if applicable.
  • Proof of vehicle ownership (e.g., vehicle title).
  • Proof of car insurance.
  • Acceptable form of payment for UT car registration fees and taxes.

Continue reading for specific details about vehicle registration in Utah.

Registering Vehicles Purchased from a Utah Dealer

When you purchase either a new or used vehicle from a licensed Utah car dealer, they will provide temporary registration and submit the necessary documentation to the UT DMV to transfer ownership into your name.

Vehicles Purchased from a Private Party

In Utah, you can register your new or used vehicle in person at your local Utah DMV office.

To register your vehicle in person, visit your local Utah DMV office and present:

NOTE: The Utah DMV will issue you a temporary permit for 15 days while they process your registration. The permit allows you time to complete and pass a vehicle inspection, if necessary.

UT Vehicle Registration for New Residents

New to Utah?

The Utah DMV requires you to apply for a Utah title and vehicle registration within 60 days of establishing residency.

To register your vehicle in person, visit your local Utah DMV office and present:

UT Registration for Military Drivers

Utah military residents who currently reside in the state can register their vehicles as normal.

See Registering a Vehicle in Utah to learn more.

Registration for UT Residents Stationed Outside Utah

Registration Exemptions for Active Duty Military Personnel

Utah residents who are serving in active duty and stationed out of state may apply for certain registration exemptions. Military members must own their vehicles; leased vehicles do NOT qualify for these exemptions.

The registration exemptions for military members in Utah are as follows:

  • Property tax exemption. Military personnel must provide the required documents to their local county assessor. Contact their county assessor for a the list of required documents.
  • Emissions inspection exemption. Complete section 2 of Exemption Affidavit of Utah Safety and Emission Requirements for Vehicles Not in Utah (Form TC-810).
    • Any vehicle in a city, county, or state that requires emissions inspections (as shown on the back of the exemption form) must pass an emissions test to complete the registration process. You must then submit proof to the UT DMV.
  • Safety inspection exemption. Complete section 1 of an Exemption Affidavit of Utah Safety and Emission Requirements for Vehicles Not in Utah (Form TC-810).
    • If your vehicle resides in a state on the provided list from the exemption form, the Utah DMV will require you to submit a safety inspection from that state. The date on the safety inspection receipt cannot exceed more than 2 months before the expiration of your registration.

Registration for Non-Residents

The UT DMV does NOT require non-resident military service members who are stationed in Utah to register their vehicles.

You must maintain current registration and car insurance from your home state during deployment.

If you purchase a vehicle in Utah, you must pay Utah sales tax even if you plan to register it in another state. When you become a resident of Utah, you must apply for UT car registration.

See Vehicle Registration for New Residents to learn more.

Renewing Your Registration in Utah

You can renew your UT vehicle registration online, by mail, at an On The SPOT Station, or in person at a nearby DMV office. You can also set up automatic renewals through the MVP (Motor Vehicle Portal).

The DMV allows you to complete your registration renewal any time before your current registration expires. You will receive a renewal notice by email prior to the expiration. This notice contains the following information:

  • Your renewal fees
  • The due date for your renewal
  • Emissions requirements

Even if you did NOT receive a renewal notice, you must still renew your registration before it expires. See Utah Renewals to learn more.

Replace a Lost or Damaged Registration

If your UT registration document or decals are lost, stolen, or damaged, you can apply for a replacement in person at your local Utah DMV office.

Replace Registration In Person

To replace your UT registration card or decals in person, you’ll need to provide:

  • A copy of your most recent registration.
  • Your license plate number or vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • Acceptable payment for the $4 duplicate registration card fee.
    • The fee for a replacement decal is $5.

Changes to Your UT Car Registration

Name Changes on UT Registration

Before you can update your Utah registration, you must first change your name with the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Once you complete your name change with SSA, you can update your name with the Utah DVS.

To change a name on your vehicle registration in person, visit the UT DVS and provide:

Address Changes on UT Vehicle Registration

You may change your address with the UT DMV online, by phone or in person.

Online Address Change

To change your Utah address online, visit the UT DMV online MVP services portal and have the following ready:

  • Vehicle license plate number
  • The last 4 digits of your vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Driver’s license or ID number

Once complete, the UT DMV will update your address on file. To receive an updated registration card, please follow the steps above in our section Replace a Lost or Stolen Registration.

Address Changes in Person or by Phone

To change your address in person, please visit any UT DMV office.

To change your address by phone, please call the Utah DMV at 801-297-7780.

Utah Vehicle Registration Fees

In Utah, registration fees vary by vehicle type, fuel type, county of residence, and other factors.

One of the following two types of uniform fees will be due at the time of your registration. That includes at the time of the initial purchase and every calendar year thereafter.

  • Uniform Age Based Fee
    • This fee varies by vehicle age and applies to passenger vehicles only:
      • Vehicles less than 3 years old: $150
      • 3 years old or older but less than 6 years old: $110
      • 6 years old or older but less than 9 years old: $80
      • 9 years old or older but less than 12 years old: $50
      • 12 years old or older: $10
  • Uniform fee-in-lieu of property tax
    • The following fees apply to non-passenger vehicles, such as heavy trucks, motorhomes and commercial trailers.
      • 1.5% of the fair market value as established by the Utah tax commission for heavy trucks and commercial trailers.
      • 1% of the fair market value for motorhomes.

Additional Utah vehicle registration fees:

  • Temporary permit: $6
  • Original title fee: $6
  • Duplicate title fee: $6
  • Sales tax rate: 6.85%
  • Replacement registration ID card fee: $4
  • Replacement tabs fee: $5

For a more detailed listing of Utah vehicle registration fees, view the summary of common fees at the Utah DMV website.

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