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Vermont Criminal Record

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The handling of criminal records can vary from state to state. In the state of Vermont, the Vermont Crime Information Center handles the purchasing of criminal records via the Vermont Criminal Conviction Record Online Internet Service. The Vermont Crime Information Center or VCIC is a division of the Vermont Department of Public Safety. It is important to point out that you cannot get a certified copy from the above site. This means that all criminal records you get via this site are the original records, not certified copies.

What Information Do Vermont Criminal Records Contain?

There is usually some level of similarity between the kind of information Vermont criminal records contain and the kind of information contained in criminal records from other states. In Vermont, criminal records typically include the following information:

  • The personal data of the subject, including their full name and aliases, birthdate, nationality, and gender
  • Current and former addresses of the subject
  • A mugshot and a full set of fingerprints
  • Details of criminal offenses and indictments
  • Relevant and non-confidential conviction information
  • Details of any stand-out identifiers

Common Uses of Criminal Conviction Reports

There are many ways that someone can use your criminal conviction reports One of the more common uses of criminal conviction reports is as part of a pre-employment background check. Employers typically want to know if someone they might hire has any kind of criminal history or not.

Additionally, someone might want to access your criminal conviction report if you are trying to get a license of some kind. Your criminal conviction report can prove relevant to your housing, as well. Some landlords, real estate companies, and property management companies will conduct a background check on prospective homeowners or renters when considering a potential buyer or potential resident.

Access to Your Vermont Criminal Records

The laws about accessing your criminal records can vary somewhat from state to state. In the state of Vermont, anyone can access your criminal conviction report. Criminal conviction reports only allow you to see conviction information that the court has submitted. However, a criminal history report provides all arrest and disposition information. This means you can see pending, acquitted, or dismissed charges. It is important to note that while anyone can access criminal conviction reports, only you can access your criminal history information in the state of Vermont.


Requesting Criminal Conviction History Records

You can submit a request for Criminal Conviction History Records via the VCCRIS website found here. You should also know that each request for Criminal Conviction History Records costs $30. These charges are non-refundable and apply whether the check returns a record or gives you a ‘record not found’ result.As a result, it is crucial that you enter the information identifying the person on the record carefully. You get these results instantly. You can even view, save, and even print a Criminal Conviction History Record immediately after your request to see this record. If you think that there is an error in a previously requested Criminal Conviction record, you can report the error to the Vermont Crime Information Center by using Report a Record Error Service.

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Dec 28, 2022