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Vermont Drivers Education

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Every single one of the states in the United States requires that you have a driver’s license so that you can legally operate a vehicle. Of course, this includes the state of Vermont. There are different kinds of driver education programs that are available to you if you are a Vermont driver. The driving schools that provide driver education are actually privately-owned businesses, not publicly-owned by the state government of Vermont. However, these driving schools still have to operate under guidelines and standards that the state of Vermont has set forth in the form of rules and state statutes. The ‘standard driver training schools’ give you instruction in operating ‘pleasure cars’, which simply means cars that are for personal use.

State-Approved Driver Education Courses

As previously mentioned, driving schools are actually privately-owned businesses in the state of Vermont. However, the driver education courses use a curriculum that is approved by the state of Vermont. This course is made up of a minimum of 30 hours of classroom instruction, six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction, and six hours of observation. Driver’s license applicants under the age of 18 must complete this course. If a student successfully completes this course, they receive a ‘Driver Education Certificate’.

Adult Driver Training and Refresher Training

You can take driver education courses if you are an adult driver in Vermont, as well. This kind of driver training may consist of classroom instruction, behind-the-wheel instruction, or both. Less experienced drivers can take a state-approved ‘6+6 Adult Driver Education Course’ which combines both behind-the-wheel instruction and classroom instruction. One part of this particular driver education course is six hours of classroom instruction. The other component of this course is six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction.

Driver’s License Testing

Driver’s license testing is one category of driver education that is particularly relevant to all drivers in the state of Vermont. Instructors at participating schools have the necessary certifications to administer the DMV driver’s license road test. This service is not necessarily limited to just adult drivers, though. Students who have completed an approved driver education course may be able to take advantage of this service, as well. If an adult driver has completed an approved 6+6 adult driver course, they may be eligible to take the DMV driver’s license road test at the aforementioned participating schools.

High School Driver’s License Testing

High school driver education instructors can now administer driver’s license road tests. Only schools that have enrolled in the testing program can provide this service and only instructors who have received certification as examiners by the DMV can administer these tests. Additionally, only students who attend a participating school can take this road test. As previously mentioned, if a student passes the road test conducted by the high school driver education instructor, the student will get a Driver Education Examination Certificate.

You need this certificate along with a valid Vermont Learner’s Permit, license application completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian, proof of Vermont residency, and road test and licensing fee to have your driver’s license issued as a student driver. You have to submit all of this in person to any Motor Vehicle Customer Service Office. The instructors at participating schools are required to provide complete information about the program to students.

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Sep 13, 2022