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Vermont Driving Record

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Obtaining Your Vermont Driving Record

Different states have different processes for how you can get your driving record. In the state of Vermont, the first step is submitting a Record Request Form which is also known as a Form #VG-116. In addition to doing this, you also have to pay for the appropriate fee that goes along with requesting your driving record in Vermont. Alternatively, you can make an appointment at the Montpelier DMV office in Vermont to complete this process if you wish to do so.

Vermont Driving Record Application

As stated previously, the DMV Record Request Form is what you need to fill out in order to complete your driving record application in the state of Vermont. It is important to note that you have to complete this form in ink. As a result, filling it out electronically is not a viable option as it would be with many other forms that you can fill out. Naturally, you have to specify exactly what kind of record that you are requesting on the form in addition to providing additional information.

Required Documents

You also have to specify which vehicle you are requesting information about on the Record Request Form. This includes providing the VIN, vehicle make, vehicle year, Vermont license plate number, and more. As such, one of the documents that you may need to fill out this form is the vehicle title since it lists quite a bit of information about the vehicle. It is also a good idea to have your Social Security Card ready when you are filling out this form. This is because you must provide your Social Security Number on the Record Request Form.

Fees for Vermont Driving Records and How to Pay

The fees can vary greatly depending on the type of driving record you want to obtain. For a certified copy of a 3-year driving record, the fee is $14. If you want a certified copy of a person’s complete operating record, it costs you $20. In the event that you are looking for a list of title records (sent to you by electronic media), the fee is $119. You should not mail cash. Instead, use a check or money order to pay for the appropriate fee and make it payable to ‘Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles’.

What Kinds of Driving Records Are There?

Many different kinds of driving records exist in the state of Vermont. The aforementioned copies of a 3-year driving record, complete operating record, and title records are three sorts of driving records that exist. However, you can also get a certified copy of a person’s driver’s license application and a certified copy of an individual crash report, as well. Certified copies of a registration application and police crash report are two more types of driving records that are out there in Vermont. You can also get insurance information on a specific crash if you want, too.

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