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Vermont Selling a Vehicle

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The Basics of Selling a Vehicle in Vermont

Selling a vehicle is something that the majority of Vermont drivers will do at some point in their Vermont residency. The first thing you should know about selling a vehicle in Vermont is the process begins with you filling out some basic documents. The most important document that you have to fill out when selling a vehicle is the car title certificate. You also have to provide an odometer disclosure statement to certify the vehicle’s mileage when you sell it. You have to provide a bill of sale when selling a vehicle in Vermont and you should hold onto a copy of this bill of sale for your own records.

Signing Over the Vehicle Title

Signing over the vehicle title is one of the first but most important steps in selling a vehicle. You have to first simply assign the original vehicle title over to the buyer. After that, you need to complete a Bill of Sale and Odometer Disclosure Statement with the vehicle’s buyer. You have to provide or get a lien release, if applicable. You cannot sell the vehicle if it still has a lien on it.

How to Proceed If You Lost the Title

You have to sign over the original vehicle title to the buyer when you sell a vehicle in Vermont. However, in the event that you lost the title, you have to provide the buyer with the previous registration certificate and the vehicle must undergo a VIN inspection, as well. You can order a replacement title through the Vermont DMV. Send in a Duplicate Title Application as well as payment for your duplicate title fee to the DMV office in your area. You might have to bring proof of ID along with your current registration certificate, so keep those with you just to be prepared.

Transferring License Plates in Vermont

You first have to fill out the Vermont Motor Vehicle Registration, Tax, and Title Application and make sure that you complete all required sections. You should ensure that you enter the license plate number that you are transferring while filling out the application. Completing Section 7 is required unless you include your current Vermont registration with the ‘Transfer Section’ completed. You must change the legal ownership of the vehicle you are transferring from before you can transfer your registration.

Title/Registration Fees in Vermont

You have to pay the Purchase and Use Tax at the time of registration and/or tilting at a percentage of the purchase price or the National Automobile Dealers Association clean trade-in value. It depends on whichever is greater. You pay this tax minus the value of the trade-in vehicle or any other allowable credit.

If you register by mail using this mailing address, put a printed NADA validation dated in the past seven days along with your paperwork. The fee for transferring the registration for a car, motorcycle, truck, or trailer is $25. The fee for transferring a title in Vermont is $35. This fee may include a $2.00 Clean Air Fund Fee as per the applicable Vermont statute which you can find here.

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Mar 30, 2023