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Virginia DMV Locations

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The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) provides state residents with a wide variety of services that you can obtain in person at a service center, online or via mail. The DMV has multiple service centers located in every county and several in larger cities and communities across the state.


Whether you are looking to obtain or renew a Virginia driver’s license, change your official residence, title and register a vehicle, a local DMV services center can help. The following are several commonly sought Virginia DMV services and where you can obtain what you need as fast as possible.

Licensing Centers

The Virginia DMV provides licensing services at DMV Services Centers in every county. You can use the online locator to find the one nearest to your and its hours. You also can obtain a limited range of services at mobile kiosks called DMV2Go or DMV Connect locations that are available for as long as their respective locations are open. You could obtain licensing services from a mobile center in the middle of the night if it is located in a supermarket or similar location that is open 24 hours.

Vehicle Centers

A variety of vehicle services are available at each respective Virginia DMV service center as well as online and at mobile kiosks. You can title and register a vehicle at a DMV vehicle center, obtain a placard and plate for disabled drivers, transfer license plates and surrender them after you sell a car. If you sell a vehicle that has more than six months remaining on the registration, you could obtain a refund on the prorated amount at a Virginia DMC service center.

Road Testing Locations

The Virginia DMV provides some road-testing services, but not for beginner drivers. Teens and adults who want to obtain their first drivers license must successfully complete road testing provided by certified services providers. The DMV does provide Commercial Drivers License (CDL) road-testing and motorcycle road-testinghttps://www.dmv.virginia.gov/drivers/#m_skillstest.asp services, which also are available through certified third parties.

Inspection Locations

Some passenger vehicles, including the family car, pickup, SUV or minivan, must successfully pass an emissions inspection if it is more than two model years old in order to renew the registration. The location is what determines whether or not you need to take your vehicle in for an emissions inspection which is required in:

  • Arlington County
  • Fairfax County
  • Loudoun County
  • Prince William County
  • Stafford County
  • Alexandria city
  • Fairfax city
  • Falls Church
  • Manassas
  • Manassas Park

A successful emissions inspection is good for two years.

The Virginia DMV also inspects commercial vehicles to ensure they are safe for continued use on public roads. The state has eight CDL truck inspections centers that provide all inspections services.

Regional Service Centers

In addition to the Virginia DMV service centers, you also can obtain many services from several regional service centers called DMV Select. A DMV Select center can provide vehicle-related services but does not provide licensing services, ID cards or learner’s permits.

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