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Universal Title Application

Whether you want to title a passenger vehicle, motorcycle, truck, motor home/RV, or a trailer in Virginia, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has a single form that handles all of them. A Certificate of Title and Registration form, which you can download online and print at home.

Affidavit of Surviving Spouse

When the owner of a titled vehicle in Virginia passes on, an affidavit of surviving spouse form is available online via the Virginia DMV. The Certification of Authority to Transfer Virginia Title works in the same manner as an affidavit of surviving spouse.

Renew/Replace DL – Out of State for Extended Period

Many Virginia residents who are active military or otherwise engaged in important matters while abroad can renew or replace their driver’s licenses while out of state for an extended period. You can renew or obtain a driver’s license extension, obtain a replacement driver’s license or obtain an international driver’s license by using the DMV online services link for out-of-state residents.

Title and Register a Vehicle While Temporarily Located Out of State

You can title and register a vehicle while out of Virginia by submitting an application for a Certificate of Title and Registration. You must have the state-mandated minimums for auto insurance coverage and pay the state user tax to obtain a registration,

Driver History Abstract

A Virginia driver history abstract is available by submitting a Form CRD-93, Information Request. You will need to provide identifying information on the subject as well as yourself and pay the requisite fee.

Wheelchair Symbol Plate/Placard Application

You can submit a Form MED 10 to obtain a wheelchair symbol plate/placard application. You can mail in the form, submit it online or at a Virginia DMV services location. If you choose to mail in the form, you must send it to:

Virginia DMVP.O. Box 85815
Richmond, VA 23285-5815


A $5 fee covers the processing costs, which you can pay with a credit card, debit card, personal check, money order or cashier’s check.

Wheelchair Symbol Plate/Placard Checklist

You must provide evidence that you satisfy the disability certification requirements to obtain a wheelchair symbol placard or license plate. The Form Med 10 provides a checklist that your physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, chiropractor or podiatrist can use to provide information on the disabling condition. The medical professional must provide his or her name, contact and licensing information.

Refund Application

If you sell a vehicle that is registered in Virginia, the Virginia DMV will issue a Vehicle Registration Refund when there are six or more months remaining on the registration. The refund will be equal to a prorated amount

Next-of-Kin Registry Application

The next-of-kin and other surviving heirs can submit a Form VSA 24 to obtain a certification of authority to transfer Virginia title when the titled owner passes on. The next-of-kin registry only applies if there is no estate executor or administrator, the vehicle is title out of state, or there is a qualifying restriction on the estate.

Physician Certification for Blind or Disabled Person, Non-Driver ID Application

The Form Med 10 provides a checklist that your eye doctor, physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, chiropractor or podiatrist can use to provide information on the disabling condition.

Vehicle Registration Application

You can obtain a Virginia vehicle registration by completing a Form VSA 14, vehicle registration application. You can submit the form online, via mail or in person at a Virginia DMV service center.

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