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Washington D.C. Address Change

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The District of Columbia has more than 5.3 million residents living within its about 68-square mile boundary. Many residents are lifelong while many others wind up moving to Washington D.C. on a permanent or a temporary basis following a general election or for duties tied to the federal government. The following information helps those who need to establish and maintain a Washington D.C. residence.

What Are the Basics?

The DC DMV provides two types of driver’s licenses. One is a basic driver’s license that states your endorsements, age and residential information. The other is a REAL ID, which contains a star inside a circle located in the upper right corner of the driver’s license.

A REAL ID enables holders to board commercial flights, enter federal courthouses and other federal facilities – just like the great number located in Washington D.C. You can obtain a Washington D.C. driver’s license with REAL ID at a local service center.

How Do I Change My Address if I Am Moving Within Washington D.C.?

If you already are an established resident and moved to a new residence, you need to complete a change of address on your Washington D.C. driver’s license. You can do that at a local DC DMV service center, online or by mail. An online change of address form is different from the in-person and mail-in form and enables immediate address changes.

How Long Do I Have to Complete This?

Residents have up to 60 days to change their addresses following a move within Washington D.C. Change of address requests done by mail will take between seven and 10 business days to complete after receiving the request.

How Do I Change My Address if I Am Moving to Washington D.C.?

A move to Washington D.C. does not automatically mean you have to change your address and obtain a Washington D.C. driver’s license. Many motorists are exempt from the requirement to obtain a Washington D.C. license – especially with many locals in D.C. to work on behalf of Congressional districts where they have homes and families.

Change-of-address exemptions apply to those who drive if they are licensed in another state or U.S. territory and are in D.C. as:

  • Students
  • Diplomats
  • Active military
  • Members of Congress
  • Presidential appointees
  • Part-time residents

Everyone else can obtain a Washington D.C. driver’s license with REAL ID at a local service DC DMV center. You will need to surrender your driver’s license and register your vehicle or vehicles in Washington D.C. if you are making a permanent or at least a long-lasting move to the District of Columbia.

How Long Do I Have to Complete This?

When you live in the District of Columbia for at least 60 days and drive a vehicle on public roads, you need to obtain a Washington D.C. driver’s license. The DC DMV will provide a new driver’s license before the 60-day period transpires, but you can obtain one afterward, too.

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