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Washington D.C. DMV Forms

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Universal Title Application

Whenever you buy a new vehicle, motorcycle, boat or an RV in Washington DC, a certificate of title application enables you to obtain the title and a temporary registration tag.

Affidavit of Surviving Spouse

When a married couple owns titled property and one spouses passes on the other can file an affidavit of surviving spouse to ensure a full and lawful transfer of property.

Renew/Replace DL – Out of D.C. for Extended Period

A District resident who is away for an extended period can mail in or submit online a Driver License Card Application and renew or replace a current driver’s license.

Title and Register a Vehicle While Temporarily Located Out of State

Residents who temporarily are located outside of the District of Columbia can title and register a vehicle by submitting a Title/Temporary Registration Application online or by mail.

Driver History Abstract Request Form

Individuals and qualifying individuals and organizations performing lawful background checks can submit a driver history abstract request at a local service center.

Wheelchair Symbol Plate/Placard Application

The DC DMV enables drivers who have disabilities to obtain a wheelchair symbol plate and placard in order to use handicapped parking. Qualified motorists must complete and submit an Application for Disability Parking Tags & Placard request at a local service center. Motorists also can complete and file an Online Disability Placard Application.

Wheelchair Symbol Plate/Placard Checklist

A physician, physician assistant or registered nurse must complete the portion of the application that affirms the applicant’s medical condition and qualification for a wheelchair symbol plate and parking placard. Placards are available for a week, on a temporary basis or permanently when a medical professional affirms a lifelong medical condition exists.

Refund Application

Whenever you sell a registered vehicle, boat, motorcycle or an RV that has more than six months remaining on the registration, you can file a refund application for the prorated balance. You can mail in the application or submit it at a local DMV service center.

Next-of-Kin Registry Application

While a national next-of-kin registry exists, Washington DC also provides surviving family members with a Beneficiary Designation to Title Certificate. The form enables the next-of-kin to ease uncontested title transfers upon the death of a family member and affirm inheritance rights when necessary in DC courts.

Physician Certification for Blind or Disable Person, Non-Driver ID Application

Residents who are legally blind or physically disabled can obtain a non-driver ID by submitting a Medical/Eye Report completed and signed by a medical professional or eye doctor.

Vehicle Registration Application

Residents can obtain a vehicle registration with a temporary tag or that is good for one or two years with a Registration Application.

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