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The Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) provides a wide range of licensing, titling and registration services through DOL service centers in every county. You need to go to the correct service center to obtain the correct services that you need. The DOL operates separate service centers for driver licenses and ID cards and vehicle and boat titling and registration services. You also must obtain emissions testing through third party services providers. The following should help you to keep it all straight.

Licensing Centers

DOL licensing centers are located in dozens of communities across the state. You can use the DOL online search tool to locate the licensing center that is nearest to you and handle the normal array of licensing services. The DOL licensing centers can provide services for residents to obtain a:

  • Driver’s license.
  • State-issued ID card.
  • Instruction permit to learn how to drive.

The licensing centers enable you to renew, replace or apply for your initial license, state ID card or the learner’s permit. Only some of the DOL licensing centers provide knowledge- and skills-testing services. The licensing centers do not provide inspection, titling or registration services for vehicles.

Vehicle Centers

You can perform a quick DOL Vehicle Licensing Offices search for locations in each county and find the one that is nearest to your home for vehicle and boat titling and registration services. You will need to pay the appropriate fees for title and registration as well as any applicable use tax. You cannot register the vehicle and obtain a license plate until you provide proof of insurance.

A Quick Title office can help you to obtain a certificate of ownership faster than when seeking a standard title. A quick title for a vehicle costs $85.50, and a quick title for a boat costs $76.75. You cannot obtain a quick title for snowmobiles, vehicles or boats that were reported as stolen, or vehicles or boats that are totaled by insurance companies or wrecker services.

Road Testing Locations

Only some DOL offices provide knowledge and skills testing for motorists, and you must locate the center nearest to you for road-testing services. You need to pre-apply online for services and provide your licensing information when you pre-apply.

The DOL also contracts with third parties to provide certified driver instruction and road-testing. Driver training schools are available for:

  • Commercial Driver License (CDL) testing.
  • Motorcycle knowledge and riding skills tests.
  • Practice tests for driver license.
  • Sidecar/trike knowledge and riding skills testing for three-wheelers.

The DOL enables you to perform an online License lookup to ensure a third-party road-testing service is licensed and approved by the state.

Inspection Services

The DOL does not provide vehicle inspection services. If you have a vehicle that was totaled and need an inspection to obtain a title that will enable its registration, the Washington State Patrol (WSP) conducts vehicle inspections. The WSP also inspects vehicles that were reported as stolen, homemade vehicles, and others that do not have a VIN number available.

Regional Service Centers

The DOL regional service centers are accepting appointments only for in-person services. You can schedule an appointment online while also locating the regional service center located near you.

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Oct 18, 2023