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Washington DMV Forms

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The Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) provides a wide range of services for motorists and others. So that you can obtain exactly what you need from the DOL, the following review of available DOL forms and what they should help you to find and get what you need.

Universal Title Application

Whenever you buy a vehicle from a car dealership or a private party, you must obtain a title to prove your ownership of the vehicle. A Vehicle Title Application enables you to transfer ownership from the seller to the buyer.

Affidavit of Surviving Spouse

When a property owner passes on, his or her property becomes solely owned by the surviving spouse. An Affidavit of Inheritance enables a surviving spouse to take full legal ownership of commonly owned property and vehicles or other properties wholly owned by the deceased spouse.

Renew/Replace DL – Out of State for an Extended Period

Drivers who are licensed in Washington State can renew or replace their licenses while temporarily out of state. A Driver License Renewal/Replacement Request form enables licensed Washington State drivers to mail in their request form and obtain a renewed or replacement driver’s license.

Title and Register a Vehicle While Temporarily Located Out of State

Washington State residents can purchase vehicles and boats while temporarily located out of state and still obtain a state title and registration for their new vehicles or boats. Residents can complete a title application online or submit one by mail. They also must include a Bill of Sale to affirm the selling price and the seller’s identifying information.

Driver History Abstract Request Form

Driver’s can obtain copies of their own Washington State Driving Record by completing and submitting the request form at the link provided. A $13 fee applies and is payable by personal check, money order, cashier’s check, debit card or credit card.

Wheelchair Symbol Plate/Placard Application

Individuals can obtain or renew a temporary or permanent Disabled Parking placard and plate by submitting the application online, by mail or at a local service center. A plate and placard enables individuals with temporary or permanent disabilities to park in designated parking spots.

Wheelchair Symbol Plate/Placard Checklist

Anyone who meets the qualifying criteria can apply for and obtain a wheelchair symbol plate and placard. A licensed physician, physician assistant or a registered nurse must affirm the qualifying conditions to obtain a wheelchair symbol plate and placard.

Next-of-Kin Registry Application

An Affidavit of Inheritance form functions as a kind of next-of-kin registry that affirms an individual inherited a vehicle following the death of its owner. A national next-of-kin registry also enables individuals to register as next-of-kin.

Physician Certification for Blind or Disabled Person, Non-Driver ID Application

A licensed physician, physician assistant, registered nurse or eye doctor must affirm your qualifications for a blind or disabled person non-driver ID application.

Vehicle Registration Application

Whether you a Washington State resident who is buying a new vehicle or moving to the state and want to obtain the correct registration, a vehicle registration form and fee will get the job done. Some vehicles must pass emissions testing to obtain a Washington State registration.

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