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West Virginia DMV Locations

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The West Virginia DMV has several regional offices as well as kiosks and other services that make it easier to take care of your vehicle-related needs. The DMV has had some abrupt closures, so it’s important to go to the DMV’s main website to get updates before you go to a DMV. Most offices do require you to have an appointment, but there are some regional offices that now offer walk-in services. For services that don’t require an in-person visit, kiosks are spread out around the state.

You may also be able to complete some of your necessary paperwork online. Online services through the West Virginia DMV include things like paying your property taxes or purchasing personalized plates for your vehicle. All of the possible transactions you can do online are listed on the agency’s website.

Below, you’ll find more information about the West Virginia DMV regional offices, DMV walk-in offices, exam centers and kiosks in West Virginia. Always plan to call or schedule an appointment in advance, since closures are still occurring at random due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Regional Offices

West Virginia is unique in that it has regional offices, walk-in offices and an exam center. There are also kiosks that may be available within regional offices to help speed up your visit. Regional offices usually accept appointments for all vehicle-related services, but there are some that do not. Those are now called walk-in only offices, which will be listed in the next section.

Since June 22, 2021, skills testing has been made available at all of the regional offices, which makes it easier for first-time drivers and others who need to take a skills test to get their test in a location near them.

The regional offices that are currently open in West Virginia (with direct link to their websites) include:

Walk-In Only

Walk-in centers don’t allow for appointments, which makes it easier for some people to come when they have time. The walk-in centers available around the state include:

  • Flatwoods
  • Franklin
  • Moorefield
  • Pleasant
  • Spencer
  • Welch
  • Williamson

Service Kiosks

If you cannot make it to a walk-in center and need to complete DMV-related activities, you may be able to use the West Virginia DMV Now kiosk. This is an easy, fast way to renew your vehicle’s registration or your driver’s license. The kiosks offer services including:

  • Driver license record
  • Driver’s license renewals
  • Vehicle registration renewals
  • Duplicate registration cards

These kiosks are set inside popular businesses such as Kroger, Sheetz, and the West Virginia DMV regional offices.

Exam Center

There is only one exam center available in West Virginia, which is located in Fairmont. The office accepts appointment-based scheduling and is open from Monday through Friday. To schedule an appointment to take an exam, contact the office at 1-800-642-9066.

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