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There are literally dozens of forms available through the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for all DMV-related services. Some of these forms include requests for duplicate certificates of registration and disabled parking license plate applications. All of them can be found on this website.

Wisconsin has some unique applications and documents that some drivers may need, such as an application to have self-insurance instead of car insurance or full medical examinations to get a license reinstated. The following are nine of the most common forms that you’ll need in the state, but all of them can be found on the above website as well as here, at the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s website.

Application for Title

Use form MV1 to apply for a title to an automobile, light truck, motorcycle, recreational vehicle or other personal vehicles.

Duplicate Certificate of Registration

To get a duplicate certificate of registration, you will need to fill out form MV2026.

Disabled Parking/Veteran License Plates

Disabled individuals have a right to obtain parking plates that reflect that they may park in handicap spaces. Use form MV2162 for disabled parking license places. Use form MV2172 for disabled veteran license plates.

Statement of Transfer of Vehicles to a Surviving Spouse, Heir or Domestic Partner

For the purpose of estate planning, many people leave their spouses their vehicles. Others leave them to partners or heirs. By using the Statement of Transfer of Vehicles to a Surviving Spouse, Domestic Partner or Heir form, you can transfer any vehicle’s title into another person’s name following their loved one’s death.

Temporary Disabled Parking Identification Permit Application

After a serious injury, some people will need to obtain temporary support to park closer to places they want to go. With a temporary disabled parking identification permit, they can park in handicap-accessible spaces legally. The correct form for this request is form MV2933. It is also available in Spanish as form MV2933 Spanish.

Registration Reinstatement

If a vehicle’s registration was removed due to a driver being uninsured or violating a safety responsibility law, then they will need to apply for registration reinstatement. This is form MV3602.

Medical Examination Report

If you drive with a medical condition, then you will need to have your medical examination report turned in. This is form MV3644.

Self-Insurance Certificate Application

Unlike some other states, Wisconsin will allow individuals who are self-insured to go without typical auto insurance coverage. To be able to do so legally, you need to apply for the exemption with a self-insurance certificate application. This is form MV3069.

Driver License Vision Standards

The driver license vision standards are important, because they make sure that those who are visually impaired either wear corrective lenses or do not drive. This form can be found here, as form MV3030V.

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Sep 17, 2022