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Wisconsin Selling a Vehicle

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To sell a vehicle in Wisconsin, you will need a few different documents and pieces of information. These include:

  • The sale price
  • The current odometer mileage
  • The brand disclosure, if it applies to your sale (usually only for salvaged vehicles)
  • The date of the sale
  • Your signature
  • The buyer’s name and address

You’ll need to have all of this information alongside the vehicle’s title. If there is a lien on the vehicle, then you will need to have that lien released and to obtain a lien release form from the lien holder.

Wisconsin doesn’t require a Bill of Sale to complete a transaction, but you may want it for your own records. This is Form MV2928, and you can find it on the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Website.

How to Sign Over the Title to the Buyer

On the back of the title, you will need to write and sign your name to transfer your vehicle to a new owner. To start, you should print your name where it states “Print Seller Name.” Make sure this is clear and legible. You will find this space at the top right of the title.

Following this, sign your name on the line that states “Signature of Seller.” If there is more than one seller, then both of you should complete these steps together if the title says “and.” Only one person is required to sign if the space states “or.”

If there is still a lien or bank name on the title, then your title will have to be signed by the lien holder. If you cannot do that, then a separate lien release letter will be accepted.

Replacing a Lost Title

It’s possible that you’ve lost your vehicle’s title or that it has been damaged or destroyed. If so, you can get a replacement to sell your vehicle. You should contact the Wisconsin Department of Transportation or go online to fill out an online replacement title application. Form MV2119, Replacement Title Application, is available as well, which you can fill out and mail or take to the DMV nearest to you.

If you’ll mail the form, then return the form to:

WI Dept. of TransportationPO Box 7949
Madison, WI 53707-7949

Remember that mailing in a form can take much longer than going in person. In person, you can get the duplicate title on the same day. If you ask for one by mail, it may take up to six weeks to get the title back to you. Keep this in mind if you have a time-sensitive sale that you’d like to complete within the next few days or weeks.

Transferring License Plates

In Wisconsin, license plates stay with the person and not the vehicle. Keep your license plates if they are not expired, so that you can put them on your next vehicle.

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Dec 28, 2022