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Wisconsin Traffic Tickets

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If you speed, drive recklessly, get caught driving while drunk or violate the laws in other ways, then you’ll face a traffic ticket and citation. With all tickets, you have a right to plead not guilty and to go to court, or you can pay the fines and accept the penalties.

Traffic Violations in Wisconsin 101

Traffic ticket fines, surcharges and fees for court appearances will vary depending on where you are in Wisconsin. To figure out how much you will need to pay, you’ll need to directly contact the circuit court or municipal court in your area.

Wisconsin Points System

Points will be added to your license each time you violate a traffic law. The number of points you receive will depend on the violation. For example, obstructing traffic is a two-point offense, but making an illegal turn is a three-point offense. Six-point offenses include speeding over 20 mph over the limit or driving under the influence.

How Long Do Points Stay On Your Record?

In Wisconsin, points stay on your record for up to five years. If you manage to accumulate 12 points within a year, then your license will be suspended.

License Suspension and Reinstatement in Wisconsin

To drive, you will need to have a valid license. Your license will be suspended if you get 12 or more violation points within 12 months. The kind of license you have, as well as the total number of points you have on your license, will determine how long you lose your license.

For example, if you have a normal driver’s license or a CDL license, then you will lose your license based on this scale:

  • Over 30 points: 1 year
  • 23-30 points: Six months
  • 17 to 22 points: Four months
  • 12 to 16 points: Two months

The same is not true for people who have an instruction permit or probationary license. In their cases, they will lose their license for longer sooner.

  • Over 30 points: 1 year
  • 12 to 30 points: Six months

To get your license reinstated, you will need to start by enrolling in a traffic safety course. If you do this, you’ll be able to take up to three points off your license. It may help you lift your license suspension immediately if you have up to 14 points on your license.

You can take this course every three years, which can help reduce the number of points on your license and reduce your car insurance rates. It’s advisable to take the course after any traffic violation to reduce or eliminate the points on your license completely.

Traffic Fines

Traffic fines are only a part of the fees that you will pay. Some of the other surcharges that you should expect include:

  • Driver improvement surcharges: $365 for DUI infractions
  • Crime lab and drug assessments: $13
  • Court cost: $25
  • Court supported services fees: $68
  • Truck driver education for commercial drivers: $8

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