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Wyoming Criminal Record

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The Wyoming Attorney General’s Office retains all criminal history records for the state. On its website, it’s possible to search and seek records of various kinds.

What Are Criminal Records?

Criminal records are those that hold all of a person’s criminal history. This can include the local, state and federal criminal information. The record may also include information about the person, such as their address, date of birth, name, any aliases they have, fingerprints, and a photograph.

Your criminal records may include:

  • Past arrest information
  • Current and pending charges
  • Acquitted charges
  • Dismissed charges
  • Warrants

Any misdemeanors or felonies will also be listed on this report.

How Are Criminal Records Used?

Criminal records can be used in many ways. Usually, they are searched during a background check.

Background checks may happen for several reasons, such as:

  • Employment, where a company wants to know about a potential employee
  • School admittance, such as when you apply to a college or university
  • Property rental
  • Security clearance
  • The purchasing of weapons or firearms, since felons are not able to purchase or own weapons in most cases
  • Military service
  • When fostering or adopting a child
  • For voter registration
  • When you want to travel internationally and obtain a visa or for purposes such as naturalization or immigration
  • For law enforcement purposes, like as a part of a criminal investigation

How Can Someone Access Your Criminal Records?

Most of the time, you will need to give consent for another person or organization to access your criminal record. However, law enforcement and those in the government may have open access. You may also have to give permission for certain kinds of purchases, such as if you want to purchase a firearm.


The public can access some criminal records as public records. For example, you can perform a background check and find out more about a person’s public records, such as their divorce or marital history, DUI records, and past addresses. A criminal record check is more specific and includes information like a person’s arrests, penalties, and convictions. Additionally, a criminal record check may include more information about what they look like, including their height, weight, tattoos, and other defining features.

Sex Crimes

Sex crimes are one area that is relatively open to the public because of the sex offender registry. The Division of Criminal Investigations Sex Offender Registry unit maintains the Wyoming Sex Offender Registry. You can search that registry here.

In Wyoming, many sex offenders remain on the registry for life; however, those convicted of less serious offenses may petition the court for removal from the registry after 10 years if they have not reoffended. Those convicted of more serious offenders may petition after 25 years.

How Can You Request a Criminal Record?

If you want to request your criminal record or another person’s, then you can do so through the state Attorney General’s office. You address the request to Assistant Attorney General Megan Pope, email address ag.publicrecords@wyo.gov or telephone number (307) 777-6710.

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Mar 30, 2023