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Wyoming DMV Forms

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Application for Driver’s License

Those applying for a driver’s license for the first time or renewing their driver’s license both use the same form. It is an FSDL-705 or a Wyoming Driver’s License Application Form.

Young Driver Forms

Wyoming has a graduated driver’s license program. As young people move through the steps in this program, they may use certain forms. They must complete at least 50 hours of practice driving and may choose to log those hours on the Behind-the-Wheel Driving Log form. Whether they use the Department of Transportation log form, their parents will be required to certify that they have completed these hours, using the Behind-the-Wheel Driving Certification Form. During the period that young drivers have an intermediate driver’s license, they’ll need to use an Intermediate Permit Driving Exception Form if they need to drive alone during otherwise restricted hours.

Drivers 14 or 15 who have hardships that require them to have a driver’s license apply for one using a Wyoming Restricted Class Driver License Application.

Change of Address

Drivers or holders of Wyoming ID cards can change their address in the state’s database by using a Notice of Change of Address Form. If they need a driver’s license with their new address on it, they’ll have to go to a Driver Services office in person and pay a fee.

Insurance-Related Forms

When Wyoming drivers are involved in an accident, regardless of fault, they must prove that they have insurance to cover their financial responsibilities. They do so using an SR-21 Insurance Certificate Form. A representative from the driver’s insurance company also must sign the form.

Ignition Interlock Forms

When drivers have been convicted of certain Driving While Under the Influence offenses (DWUI), the court will require them to have an ignition interlock device installed. These devices will prevent the driver from starting the vehicle if they’ve had too much to drink. In certain cases, the driver may be eligible for assistance in purchasing the ignition interlock device. To apply for this assistance, the driver fills out an Application for Interlock Ignition Assistance form.

Contested Hearing Forms

When drivers are facing the loss of their driving privileges because of a DWUI or for another reason, they may contest the suspension through a hearing. To do so, they file a Contested Case Hearing Request.

Medical Forms

Drivers who want either permanent or temporary disabled placards for the first time will use an Application for Disabled Parking Placard. A medical professional must specify the disability and sign the form.

When vision tests are required, drivers have the option to complete them with a medical professional of their choice. Results of the vision exam are submitted using a Driver Vision Examination form. The medical professional must sign the form.

Driving Record Forms

A release of information form is required to obtain a copy of your own driving record or someone else’s. That form is called Release of Driving Record and Personal Information.

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