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DMV Auto Financing

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What Exactly Is Auto Financing?

There is plenty to go into when talking about the subject of auto financing, but it’s crucial to define the term first before moving onto something else. Auto financing is essentially how you pay for your vehicle and this often means getting either a loan or a lease on your vehicle at the car dealership. Of course, you can always purchase the car outright if you have the money to do so. Every car dealership has its own finance department to discuss how you can pay for your vehicle. You can learn more about available financing by speaking to the finance department.

Auto Financing

What is the Difference Between A Lease and a Loan?

A lease and a loan are the two main ways that you can finance a car if you get it from a dealership. If you go with a loan, one difference is that a loan works well for something that will still be valuable after the agreement has ended. A lease works better for a thing that depreciates in value quickly, such as a car. A lease does not involve a price that is based on risk, whereas a loan’s price is actually based on risk. Additionally, a lease’s term usually ranges from 12 months to a maximum of 60 months, while the kind of asset you are getting the loan for might limit the terms of the loan.

What Factors Determine My Auto Loan Rates?

There are quite a few factors that play a part in determining your auto loan rates. Of course, if you go to many different lenders, you will likely get varying rates at each lender. Getting a loan for a new or used vehicle, the loan’s size compared to the vehicle’s value, and your credit score are all factors that influence your auto loan rates. Your negotiation skills also affect your auto loan rates, as well. Another important factor is how long the term of the auto loan is, usually compared by examining the number of months in the loan term.

Is 0% Financing Actually a Good Offer or Not?

You might occasionally receive a financing offer that looks good at first but seems too good to be true. You should always make sure to pay attention to any fine print on a suspicious deal like 0% financing for your new vehicle. In reality, you may only get 0% financing on a new vehicle if you have a very good credit score or the 0% financing might end after just a few months when the interest rate returns. The price of the vehicle might also be higher than it should be to compensate for the 0% financing.


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