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Auto Warranty

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What is an Auto Warranty?

When discussing auto warranties, it makes sense to begin by discussing exactly what an auto warranty is in the first place. The first thing that you should know about auto warranties is the fact that an auto warranty comes with virtually every new car that you can purchase. The car dealership typically includes an auto warranty to give you more peace of mind. The auto warranty helps keep you from having to pay for any expensive repairs or unexpected losses during the length of the warranty. The vehicle manufacturer will perform repairs or replace a part if something goes wrong with the car in most cases while the warranty is active.
Auto Warranty

How Long Do Auto Warranties Last?

This is not the easiest question to answer. The fact of the matter is that the length of auto warranties varies depending on several different factors, such as the auto brand, year, make, model, and other factors as well. The standard coverage for a typical auto warranty is 36,000 miles or three whole years, whichever comes first. Some brands, such as Nissan, offer standard auto warranties that last longer, specifically for 60,000 miles or five years instead. The powertrain coverage of the auto warranty is usually for either 60,000 miles or five years.

What Does the Manufacturer Auto Warranty Not Cover?

The auto warranty certainly does not cover everything, but it will cover any parts that need to be replaced or repairs that have to be made because of errors at the manufacturer’s factory. However, there is plenty that the auto warranty will not cover. The first thing that the auto warranty does not cover is routine maintenance. This can include services like changing your oil, rotating your tires, and replacing your brake pads. If your car gets damaged due to an accident or the environment, the auto warranty usually won’t cover this, either.

Extended Warranty

What Is An Extended Warranty?

Another name for an extended warranty is a vehicle service contract. This is a type of auto warranty that covers your car after the manufacturer’s warranty on your vehicle runs out. You might be able to get one from the manufacturer, although you might have to follow certain guidelines about when you can purchase an extended warranty. Some car manufacturers only let you purchase an extended warranty if the car’s original manufacturer’s warranty is still active. You can also talk to a car dealership if you want to purchase an extended warranty on your vehicle.

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