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Introduction to Vehicle History Reports (VHR)

A Vehicle History Report (VHR) is a document that contains specific information about the records of a vehicle throughout its life. Getting a Vehicle History Report before buying a car can be very useful. It tells you if the car has been in an accident if it’s been stolen or if there are any liens on it. If there are any problems with your potential purchase, it is better to know before buying so you won’t have to deal with them later on.

The Benefits of Vehicle History Reports

Vehicle history reports can be a great asset to you as a car buyer. You can order a vehicle history report on BeenVerified now. Use them to help determine whether or not the vehicle you are interested in buying has been involved in accidents or any other incidents that would negatively impact its value. This can be very helpful when trying to decide if it’s worth paying more for a vehicle with no accident history, or if it’s better to go with one that has had some damage repaired at some point.

Getting a Vehicle History Report before buying a car is a very good idea. You’ll also be able to see if there were problems with previous owners’ maintenance schedules – like when they had their oil changed last or how often they replaced their tires. If there are any outstanding recalls on the vehicle, a vehicle history report will list that detail as well. This way you’ll know what issues you need to address before putting down money to buy the car!

Avoid Buying a Lemon with Vehicle History Reports

A vehicle history report can help you avoid several common issues.

When looking through your vehicle history report, look out for the odd maintenance or accident history. A car with an accident or repair record may indicate it has been in a major accident. You need to know this information to verify it was properly repaired by its previous owner(s). This could lead to costly repairs later if you buy this car without knowing these issues beforehand.

On the other hand, if your vehicle has been in a flood, there’s a good chance its electrical system was compromised during the incident. That means it may catch fire or stop working altogether if exposed to water again (or even just rain).

These are just a couple examples of the issues you can avoid by purchasing a vehicle history report.

Asking for a Report at a Car Dealership

Getting a report from a dealer is easy. Just ask to see the vehicle’s history report. They’re normally available in the dealership’s files on their computer system. The dealer may charge you for this service, but it should be less than $50 per report. More often than not, you’ll get this information at no cost to you.

Car Dealer

Trusted Vehicle History Report Companies

When you’re looking for a vehicle history report, it’s important to know there are many different companies out there – some more trustworthy than others. To help you find the best VHR company for your needs, check reviews and ratings online first by searching for Vehicle History Reports on Google! Look at both positive and negative reviews so you get a clear picture of what people think.

Our partner Bumper.com provides Vehicle History Reports at an affordable rate. They’re known as one of the fastest and most accurate VIN report services you can find online.

While there are other VHR companies, Bumper.com is often recommended due to having the most comprehensive and accurate information. Make sure the VHR provider has access to all relevant data about your car’s past – including accidents and repairs – before ordering a report from them.


The benefits of knowing a vehicle’s history are numerous. This information can also help you make a more informed decision about whether or not to buy a car.

A vehicle history report will save you from buying a lemon, and even help you plan for future maintenance costs.

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