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DMV Service Locations and Offices

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Find DMV Offices Near Me

Each local DMV office will have slightly different hours of operation, acceptable payment methods, and certain available driver- and vehicle-related services.

If you do not have your renewal notice in hand or would like additional DMV assistance, your nearest DMV office location will be able to provide specific details about your DMV situation – whether you are dealing with your drivers license or vehicle registration.

To search for nearby DMV Office Locations in your area and find address and contact details, please choose your state below:

Get More Info About DMV And DPS Offices In Your State

Please enter your ZIP code OR City and State:

Making an Appointment at the DMV

In certain cases, you’ll still need to visit a local DMV office for your DMV transaction. To save time and better your DMV experience, you may be able to make an appointment for your visit.

By searching above for your state, city or zip code, you’ll locate your nearest DMV location and find out if it accepts office appointments.

Select your state or enter your zip code above to find your DMV office.

You’ll also find a range of information about your nearest DMV Location, such as its:

  • Phone number
  • Street address and hours
  • Closures and holiday schedule
  • Current wait times

In some cases you can even print your applications ahead of time and schedule a road test.

Scheduling a Road Test

An important step of the driver licensing process is passing your DMV Road Test. Each DMV in every state will offer its own appointment scheduling at various times throughout the year. 

Please select your state above to read about your state’s available Online DMV Services and find out whether they will accept an appointment for your DMV Road Test.

You may also enter your city, state or zip code above to locate and get in touch with your nearest DMV office. If your state DMV location accepts  appointments for road tests, they’ll be able to tell you how to proceed with making an appointment as well.

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