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Name Change

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Why Would You Need to Submit a Name Change to the DMV?

As you no doubt know, there are several different reasons why you might change your name at some point in your life. In most cases, you are allowed to legally change your name if you are over the age of 18. One common reason why you might need to submit a name change to the DMV is that you got married and you took on the last name of your spouse in some way. Another common reason for updating your name with the DMV is that you got divorced and you are changing your name back to what it was before you got married. Of course, you might change your name simply because you prefer a different name, too.


What are the Legal Requirements for Changing Your Name?

The legal requirements for a name change differ a bit from state to state. There are some states that require that you live in that particular state for a certain period of time before you can change your name. However, the DMV does not really handle name changes. It is best if you consult the county court closest to you in order to learn about all the legal requirements and complete all the required paperwork.

In general, you first have to submit a petition to change your name, then you pay the necessary fees. After that, you have to go to the hearing with the magistrate or judge. The clerk or the judge will sign the name change order and give you a certified copy after the hearing is over. After that, you can move onto updating your name with the DMV.


How Do You Update Your Name with the DMV?

You should also update your name with the DMV if it was changed recently. You will have to fill out a number of forms in order to update your name with the DMV. In many states, you will have to change your name on your driver’s license or ID card, your Social Security card, and your vehicle’s title and registration. You should also know that you have to inform the Social Security Administration of your name change before you update your name with the DMV in your state.

Do You Have to Pay for Fees If You Change Your Name?

Changing your name with the DMV is a process that requires a lot of documents and likely a decent amount of time. As a result, you do have to pay a fee to change your name with the DMV. The amount of this fee depends on your state. You should ensure that you bring enough money and that you know what payment methods your local DMV office accepts.

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