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What Our Users are Saying

I used to dread having to deal with the DMV. Standing in line just to register my car or renew my drivers license was always such a waste of time. Recently I used DMV GO. Not only did they tell me where the closest DMV office was, they’re easy to follow guides had me all squared away before I even left the house. My experience was totally transformed. Thank you, DMV GO!

~ Clayton Gilbert

I had been looking around for car insurance, which was super frustrating. So many policies to read through, plus the policies I wanted weren’t available in my state. A friend of mine sent me a link to DMV GO, so I checked it out. Not only did the site give me the best selection for my state, I immediately got the best deal! All I had to do was click a couple of buttons, and there it was. Very impressed – thanks, DMV GO!

~ Mary C. Thompson

I just bought my car and was really excited to get on the road. Then I remembered that I had to get it registered and the title paperwork had to be done. It was daunting because the last time I had to go to the DMV, it was a nightmare. Long lines and not knowing what to bring. But I found DMV GO’s website. What a difference! They told me what I needed, but it was more than just a simple list. They had a form I used to transfer the title, they told me the taxes and fees I had to pay, and even the state laws on buying and registering a car. It was so simple. The cherry on top was that they even told me where the closest DMV was! DMV GO is awesome. Thanks!

~ James Evans