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Renew Virginia Vehicle Registration

Do you need to renew your car registration in Virginia? We can expedite your new plates, transfer plates, and title work in 3-4 business days without you having to go to the DMV. Services Starting at $149

New Plates

Just bought a car and need new or transfer license plates

Title Change

If you need to change the name or amend a current title

State DMV Approved

Approved by state DMV agencies

Why use a private tag and title service

A private tag agency is a business that provides DMV services in a convenient

location. They are authorized by the state to provide DMV services and any other services they want to sell.

Our Virginia DMV Partner


Our owner’s love for auto title processing led her to establish Wisdom & Authority Title Solutions in 2010. Our experienced team provides comprehensive solutions for all your auto title needs with over 40 years of combined experience. Regardless of your circumstance, we are here to help you today.

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  • competitive pricing 90% 90%
  • Recommended by users 100% 100%

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Virginia DMV Expedited Services

Get your vehicle registered in Virginia Fast!

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