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RV Insurance

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Can You Get RV Insurance From An Auto Insurance Company?

It is possible your car insurance provider offers coverage for your recreational vehicle. We suggest first contacting your auto insurance company to see if they offer RV insurance.

Otherwise, you can search for RV insurance on DMVGO.com to protect your recreational vehicle from the potential hazards on the road.

While RV insurance is a much less common form of auto insurance, the majority of auto insurance providers also offer RV insurance.

Scroll down and consider our partner’s insurance services as a reliable and affordable option for your RV insurance needs.


RV Insurance – What is a Motorhome?

To qualify, most RV insurance providers require certain features on a motor home to be permanently attached. Those permanently attached features on a motor home include:

  • ✔️ Bathroom
  • ✔️ Heating or AC
  • ✔️ Supply system for drinkable water
  • ✔️ An electrical system of between 110-125 volts
  • ✔️ Refrigeration and cooking appliances

If the motor home does not have all of this permanently attached, it might not qualify for RV insurance.

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How Does RV Insurance Define a Travel Trailer?

Some RV insurance companies provide coverage for campers and travel trailers.  A travel trailer is non-motorized, while a motor vehicle usually tows a travel trailer. Most people use a travel trailer for camping.

You must permanently attach both the sleeping area and cooking facility to your RV or travel trailer to qualify for RV insurance.

What are Common Types of RV Insurance Coverage?

Car insurance and RV insurance are similar in that they both include several different kinds of coverage to safeguard you and your vehicle from various risks.

Liability RV Insurance Coverage

Liability insurance is one common type of RV insurance coverage and it safeguards you against costs related to property damage and bodily injury. That includes other people who suffered in an accident that was your fault.

Importantly, the majority of states require drivers to carry liability insurance on all registered vehicles.

Comprehensive RV Insurance Coverage

Comprehensive is another type of RV insurance coverage and it helps you out with costs when your RV suffers damage due to a non-accident incident. Theft and fire are also two such incidents.

DMVGO.com RV Insurance Tiip

Roadside assistance coverage can make it easier for you to return to the road if your RV has mechanical problems. Be sure to ask your insurance provider about the montly cost to add this RV coverage.

Get started by entering your zip code and vehicle information in our quote form on this page. It only takes a few minutes to get a free quote!

NOTE: Once you receive your quote, just select the policy that best suits your needs and securely purchase online.

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