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DMV Selling a Vehicle

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DMV Selling a Vehicle

Selling a vehicle can be complicated, no matter which state you’re located in. We designed this page to be a one-stop resource for anything and everything you may need to for selling a vehicle. Whether you are looking for a bill of sale template, need to find out more information about the warranty of the vehicle you’re selling, or want to know more about the lemon law, you can find it here. Read on to learn more about selling a vehicle.


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Popular Selling Guides

Bill of Selling Form

This form is a basic bill of sale template that meets the requirements of many states.

Auto Warranty Center

Learn more about the warranty of the vehicle you’re selling, including whether it can transfer to the new owner.

Car Dealers

Find your nearest car dealers in DMVGO’s extensive directory.

Car Shopping Resources

If you’re interested in buying a car rather than selling one, this page has numerous helpful resources.

Auto Financing

Learn more about different financing options available in the market.

DMV Office Finder

Find your neared DMV Office Location. Click Here.

New Car Seller Guide

If you want to become a new car seller, you have to meet many more requirements than if you want to be a private, low-volume seller. These requirements may include:

Getting a franchised dealership from a manufacturer

Paying different taxes than sellers of used vehicles pay

Helping your buyers get financing

Things to Remember When Selling a Vehicle

If you are selling a vehicle, there are a few best practices that you should follow. The first is to remember to sign over the title. Secondly, you need to properly record the sale on a bill of sale form. This is a good idea even if your state does not require a bill od sale. Finally, you should be sure to either remove the vehicle’s tags (if the tags stay with the owner in your state) or leave the tags on (if they stay with the car in your state).

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