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State ID Cards

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Why Would You Need A State ID Card?

There are many different kinds of identification that you can have, regardless of which state you live in. The most common type of ID in any state in the United States is a driver’s license. The vast majority of adults in the United States have a driver’s license and regularly use this as their identification.

However, you may not be old enough to get a driver’s license. This is one reason why you might need a state ID card. A state ID card is a good alternative form of identification. You might also not be able to carry a driver’s license for some reason. This is another reason why you might require a state ID card.


Who Issues State ID Cards?

Quite a bit concerning state ID cards can vary from state to state. The department that issues state ID cards to residents is certainly one of those things that can differ from one state to another. For many states, the Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV is the department that issues state ID cards. However, this is not the case for every state. In general, the department that issues driver’s licenses in a certain state is usually the same one that issues state ID cards for that state.

How Do You Apply For A State ID Card?

As with many things about state ID cards, the application process is not the same for every state. Some states require you to apply for a state ID card in person at a local DMV office, but this is not a requirement for every state. Typically, you have to provide proof of identity, proof of state residency, your Social Security card, and payment for any fees associated with getting a state ID card. The fees for getting a state ID card can vary from state to state.

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How Do You Renew Your State ID Card?

There are several different ways that you can renew your state ID card after you get it, depending on your state. In many states, you can renew your state ID card online. However, you cannot renew your state ID card online in every single state.

In any case, you can also renew your state ID card by visiting a local DMV office and renewing it in person if you wish. You will also have to pay for any state iD card renewal fees, as well. These fees differ from state to state.


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