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Download and print Virginia DMV forms from the links below:

Step 1: Complete Power Of Attorney for all transactions

* Online Notary Service

Step 2: Complete Vehicle Registration & Title Application (VSA-17A )

VSA-67 Duplicate Title (Use only for replacement title POA is also required)

VSA-66 (Only use to transfer a lien)

Shanel White

Solutions Officer

Call us to review forms, fees & required documents:

Phone : (757) 494-1298 or (757) 494-1299 M-F 8am-5pm EST

Ship your documents & forms to:

Wisdom & Authority Title Solutions: 
1512 Technology Drive Ste 101
Chesapeake, VA 23320


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Any pre-audit reviews and quotes that the WATS Team gives you are done based on what you have provided us to review. If you mail documentation to us that you didn’t show prior or we didn’t pre-audit, please be advised that your service can face rejection and or additional fees/penalties by DMV and or WATS.


  1. Failure to submit all your paperwork, payments to us ALL AT ONCE, but rather submit everything separately (piece by piece)
  2. Having any type of DMV mandated stop on your record
  3. Not visiting the DMV office with any requirements (based on your state) if required ****
  4. Not providing us with any good point of contact methods (phone, email, address, etc.)
  5. Submitting the wrong documentation to WATS
  6. Disregarding our instructions regarding the necessary documents and payments that need to be submitted (WE’LL RESPOND TO YOUR REQUEST WITH THE INSTRUCTIONS AND FEES BY OUR PORTAL, FAX, OR EMAIL)
  7. Submitting work to us that has been mutilated, altered, has white-out or corrective tape, has erasures and or scratch-through on it
  8. A check that is short or over for a DMV-motor vehicle related transaction