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DMV Title Transfers

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DMV Title Transfers

If you are buying or selling a motor vehicle, you’ll need to process a title transfer with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

The vehicle titles for most states include a particular section to be filled out when transferring the title. Within the form, you can find specific instructions that will make the process fairly straightforward. Nevertheless, you have to perform different tasks depending on whether you are the buyer or the seller of the vehicle. 

Continue reading to learn more about vehicle title transfers.

DMV Title Transfers

When to Transfer a Vehicle Title

You must transfer a vehicle’s title anytime full ownership of the vehicle is changing hands. However, you do not have to transfer the vehicle title if you are adding a co-owner to it. Please note, you must still transfer the vehicle’s title if you are gifting it to someone rather than selling it.

Importantly, you must transfer your vehicle’s title once you sell it to another owner.

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What to Do When Transferring a Title to Someone Else

If you are transferring a title to someone else, you’ll be responsible for most of the work involved in transferring the title.

As previously mentioned, the title transfer section on your vehicle’s title should make this relatively easy. You’ll have to print your full name, sign the title, and date the title. You will also have to provide details about the vehicle’s odometer reading (i.e., your DMV may have a separate form to submit for an odometer disclosure statement).

Depending on your state, you may also have to include both your address and the vehicle’s selling price to complete a title transfer.

What to Do When a Title is Being Transferred to You

If you are receiving ownership of a vehicle, you do not have to do as much when transferring the title. You will have to print your name, sign, and provide the date. You may also have to provide your address and driver’s license number, though this varies from state to state.

For detailed information about how to complete a title transfer in your state with your specific situation, please locate your nearest DMV office location and get in touch with them directly.

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