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Traffic Tickets Violation

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Traffic Tickets Summary

Traffic tickets are issued to drivers who commit various kinds of traffic violations on the road. All motorists can avoid traffic tickets with careful driving and situational awareness. Since traffic tickets are not as simple as they seem, be sure to weigh your options in fighting your ticket and paying your fines. There are several factors to consider with traffic ticket law.

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Continue reading this page to learn what to expect from your traffic ticket case, how to fight a traffic ticket, and how best to avoid a traffic ticket altogether.

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DMV Traffic Ticket Violations

NOTE: Please refer to your traffic ticket for the most specific instructions on how to proceed and/or contact the traffic court in the county where you received the ticket for more details

Drivers who have been cited for a moving violation during a traffic stop will receive a traffic citation, and mail correspondence from the court with specific instructions on how to proceed with your scheduled court appearance.

Here are several examples of the most commonly occurring traffic tickets:

  • Speeding tickets.
  • Red light camera tickets.
  • Driving without valid registration or car insurance.
  • Failure to settle unpaid parking ticket fees.



DMV Traffic Ticket Fines & Penalties

Penalties will vary depending on the state in which you received the traffic ticket, your Driving Record, and of course, the severity of your traffic violation. In addition to traffic ticket fees and fines, you may also be subject to additional ticket fines, such as:

  • Points and/or actions against your driver’s license such as suspensions or revocations.
  • Additional points on your driving record.
  • Multiple traffic court appearances or requirements.
  • Higher car insurance rates.
  • Mandatory traffic school or defensive driving.

When drivers get caught speeding, not only will they receive points on their license but they may also have to pay greater traffic ticket fines than an average traffic violation. The DMV and traffic courts can also suspend your license for accruing too many points on your driving record. You may want to get in touch with a traffic ticket attorney for further assistance. He or she may be able to help lessen the consequences of your citation.

What To Expect with a Traffic Violation

One major factor that determines your traffic ticket case is the severity of it. The more severe the traffic violation, the higher chance you’ll have to fight the ticket in court and hire an attorney.

The next factor that determines how you’ll fare with your traffic tickets is whether or not the cop who pulled you over followed proper procedure. If they did not follow traffic ticket law, you may have a chance to argue this in court and the judge may dismiss your ticket.

The third major factor is your driving record. For example if a driver has been repeatedly cited for multiple traffic violations like speeding over 20 miles per hour over the speed limit, reckless driving, or running a traffic light, then the courts may not offer any leeway. These traffic violations often include consequences such as suspension of license or an increase in traffic ticket fines due to their high severity.

The last factor that determines your traffic ticket case is your level of cooperation with the police officer. For example, traffic law states you have the right to decline a search-and-seizure of your vehicle if you feel it is unnecessary. If a driver declines this request then he or she will be much less likely to receive additional charges during the traffic stop.

Paying Your Traffic Ticket

No matter what kind of traffic ticket you receive, you’ll more than likely face various fines. That includes parking tickets, fix-it tickets, speeding tickets, red light tickets, or other violations related to your driver’s license status.

Depending on the state and county in which you live, you will have differing requirements and options to pay your traffic ticket fines. Payment options generally include:

  • Online payments for your traffic ticket.
  • Sending your traffic ticket fines by mail with your chosen plea.
  • Visiting the court in person and making your traffic ticket payment to the court.

Failure to pay the fines for your traffic ticket in time will likely result in greater fines and further penalties. For specific details about how to proceed with payment for your traffic ticket, you can refer to your ticket for the exact fine amount and ticket due date.

Fighting Traffic Ticket Violations

If you believe you received your traffic ticket in error, the court will generally give you several options to contest it. You’ll need to plead not guilty to the charges in person or by written declaration. In some cases, you may be able to fight your ticket online, or by sending the court a written declaration with additional proof and contesting your ticket by mail.

All of the information you need is accessible on the back of your traffic citation. In the event you lose your traffic ticket, you can get in touch with the traffic court in the county where you received the ticket.

Drivers who receive citations with heftier fines or consequences may consider getting in touch with a traffic ticket attorney. They may be able to help reduce your fines or work with the legal process to dismiss your traffic violation. With extra legal assistance, you can avoid any fines and actions on your driver’s license.

You may access your driving record online to find out how many points you have accrued.

Car Insurance Violations

When you fail to carry car insurance on your vehicle, the traffic court in your county will administer fines to you as a penalty for driving without insurance. In some cases, the DMV can put a temporary hold on your registration and apply other actions against your driver’s license.

On the other hand, if you simply did not have proof of car insurance on hand but were sufficiently insured at the time of your traffic stop, your assigned traffic court may be more lenient and reduce your fines or dismiss your ticket entirely.

Follow the directions on your traffic citation and prepare all your documentation for your court date to prove your traffic ticket case. If you need the assistance of a traffic ticket attorney, you can do a search in your neighborhood and get in touch with several different ones.

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